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DUCKS GAMEDAY: they got the devil all wrong


lets talk about the devil since were playing the devils

Al Pacino To Play Paterno In Biopic

Al Pacino has been cast to play Joe Paterno in a new film based on Joe Posnanski's book, "Paterno".

Rant Box: Manchester United v. Chelsea


It's time. Teams Manchester United Van der Sar, O'Shea, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Nani, Carrick, Park, Giggs, Rooney, Hernandez. Subs: Kuzszcak, Brown, Smalling, Scholes, Gibson, Valencia,...

A Random Rant Railing Against Georgia Bulldogs Men's Basketball


The disappointing performance of the Georgia men's basketball team has raised troubling questions about the Bulldogs' staying power after last year's NCAA Tournament bid. Will the Red and Black...

Todd Grantham, Chas Henry, and the Controversy at the End of the Georgia-Florida Game


Georgia Bulldogs defensive coordinator Todd Grantham was spotted on the sideline at last Saturday's game against the Florida Gators directing a "choke" gesture to kicker Chas Henry. Dawg Sports...

Inch by Inch - My video Tribute to the 2010 Volunteers


Here's my first video of the year! A tribute to the 2010 Tennessee Volunteers and my fellow Tennessee fans. Warning: Language warning if at work or around small ears. Not a lot, but enough to warrant the heads up. Hence why I did not post the video directly here.

Seven Reasons I'm Glad I'm an SEC Fan After Conference Expansion


The Big 12 has been saved. The Big Ten and the Pac-10 appear content with only modest expansion to get to twelve teams. Conference realignment fever passed quickly. Now that the dust has settled,...

Rock M Roundtable!


The Rock M Roundtable discusses the Big 12 North division race, Mizzou's propensity for bouncing back, the best movie pep talks, and everything from Flo from Alice to Flo from the Progressive...

[Open Thread] Toronto Maple Leafs v. Tampa Bay Lightning


The Lightning roll into town for a rare Monday night game for the buds as they look to rebound from pissing away a perfectly good chance to increase their winning streak to five games with a...

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