Behind The Scenes At SEC Nation.


Earlier this week a production team from the SEC Network slipped quietly onto the campus of Mercer University in Macon, Georgia to film the opening shots for SEC Nation, the SEC Network's new...

Shame and Disgrace in the SEC: The Tiger Hotel in Columbia, MO


Shame and Disgrace in the SEC: The Tiger Hotel in Columbia, MO

The Penn State Scandal


There are some topics we generally don't discuss here at Dawg Sports.  Our focus has always been first and foremost on University of Georgia Athletics and there are some topics that as civilized...

SB Nation iPhone App Version 1.1 Now Available!


(This is a public service announcement. For your Monday morning Dawg bites, please go here.) The SB Nation iPhone app v1.1  is now available in the App Store!  SB Nation listened to your...

Get Dawg Sports On Your iPhone!


via Now you can stay on top of all the latest news and commentary from Dawg Sports and over 300 other SB Nation blogs from your iPhone.  With the sleek new SB Nation iPhone...

A Somewhat Different Take on Recent Headlines in Intercollegiate Athletics


Steve Spurrier has reinstated South Carolina Gamecocks quarterback Stephen Garcia. Basketball recruit Kevin Ware has given his verbal commitment to Rick Pitino's Louisville Cardinals. Sports...

Programming Notes: Radio Appearance Scheduled for This Evening, New Sections Available at Dawg Sports


Dawg Sports co-author T. Kyle King has returned from Memphis, and he will be discussing the Georgia Bulldogs' Liberty Bowl loss to the Central Florida Knights with John Frary on ESPN Radio this...

Late Night Dawg Bites: Random Thoughts Unrelated to Urban Meyer


Dawg Sports offers a few random thoughts on the Heisman Trophy, the BCS, the Liberty Bowl, and the Georgia-Georgia Tech basketball game . . . basically, everything important in Bulldog Nation...

Friday Morning Points to Ponder for Bulldog Nation


If you didn't already get your fill from Too Much Information, or if you're more of an auditory learner than a visual learner, please tune in to Kit Kitchens's podcast, which once again features me...

Georgia Bulldogs Disband Athletics Program (Bring Your Sense of Humor!)


Dawg Sports presents a sarcastic report explaining the fictitious incident causing the Georgia Bulldogs to disband their athletics program. Yes, this is a joke.

Tuesday Night Dawg Bites: A.J. Green, the Fulmer Cup, and "Team Russ" All Among Georgia Bulldogs Headlines


Dawg Sports brings you the latest Georgia Bulldogs news, including updates on A.J. Green's status, the 2010 Fulmer Cup tally, and the push to have Russ made the team's permanent mascot as Uga VIII.

Programming Note: Dawg Sports Radio Appearance Scheduled for 7:25 Tonight


T. Kyle King of Dawg Sports will be making his regular weekly radio appearance with John Frary on ESPN Radio 1420 out of St. Augustine approximately at 7:25 on Tuesday night to discuss the Georgia...

Have the Georgia Bulldogs Begun Their 2011 Fulmer Cup Defense?


An interesting legal question has been raised by the Blogger Who Came In From the Cold. A warrant for Alec Ogletree's arrest was issued on Thursday, presumably before the close of the business day...

Dawg Bites: Fulmer Cup, SB Nation Atlanta, Pro Combat Uniforms, and the Big Ten


With college football season starting Thursday night, Dawg Sports has a lot of information to share about the Fulmer Cup, Nike Pro Combat uniforms in the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, and...

Greg McGarity is Officially on the Job as the New University of Georgia Athletic Director


Even though he showed up a couple of days early, today is Greg McGarity's first official day as the athletic director at his alma mater. If you haven't taken the time to do so already, drop him a...

Monday Night Dawg Bites: Around SB Nation, About Greg McGarity's Contract, and Why Some Prequels Remain Unmade


The Georgia Bulldogs are within two weeks of the start of college football season, and Dawg Sports has the rundown on Greg McGarity's new contract, upcoming events at SB Nation, and why some...

Wednesday Night Dawg Bites


Dawg Sports brings you your Wednesday night edition of Dawg bites, complete with Georgia's rise in the college rankings, the collapse of the WAC, and complimentary beer in a thin atmosphere.

Hiring of New Athletic Director Greg McGarity Both Rare and Well Done for Georgia Bulldogs


Greg McGarity has been introduced officially as the new University of Georgia athletic director. Dawg Sports notes how seamless a transition this has been for the Bulldogs, who have a history of...

The Challenges Awaiting Greg McGarity as He Assumes the Athletic Directorship in Athens


Reports indicate that the University of Georgia is about to hire Greg McGarity, a former Bulldog athlete who works as Florida Gators head honcho Jeremy Foley's right-hand man, as athletic director....

Completely Unrelated: You've Got to Fight for Your Right to a Volvo


Doug Gillett has launched a Twitter campaign to compel Volvo to market the V60 station wagon in the United States. Dawg Sports supports him in his valiant effort.

Georgia Bulldogs Suffer Tragedies: How You Can Help


Hidden behind the headlines are a trio of tragedies which warrant the attention of all members of the Georgia Bulldogs family. Here's how you can help.

Should Georgia Bulldogs Fans Trust Michael Adams to Hire the Right Athletic Director?


University of Georgia president Michael Adams has drawn considerable criticism from Bulldogs fans over the years. Should the Red and Black faithful trust him to hire Damon Evans's replacement as...

Greg McGarity Should be Hired as the New University of Georgia Athletic Director


With Damon Evans's fate all but sealed, it is time for the Georgia Bulldogs to move forward with finding a new athletic director. Dawg Sports supports University of Florida senior associate AD Greg...

Damon Evans Cannot Continue to Serve as Athletic Director for the University of Georgia


In light of the latest reports regarding University of Georgia athletic director Damon Evans's arrest, Dawg Sports has reached with regret the conclusion that the Bulldog athletic program must be...

Can Damon Evans Continue as the Athletic Director of the University of Georgia?


University of Georgia athletic director Damon Evans appeared before the press earlier this evening. Were his answers adequate to ensure his ability to continue doing his job?

Damon Evans Open Comment Thread


All Georgia Bulldogs fans are a little shell-shocked right now. Dawg Sports invites your participation in the Damon Evans open comment thread.

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