Georgia Bulldogs Rivals

New Year's Eve Georgia Rivals Bowl Comment Thread

When the Clemson Tigers, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, LSU Tigers, and Vanderbilt Commodores are playing, fans of the Georgia Bulldogs have at least a passing interest in the games, if there's...

How Much Does Rodney Garner's Departure Matter?

"Mama called," and Georgia recruiting coordinator Rodney Garner chose to return to Auburn to do the same job for the Tigers he had been performing in Athens. What does this mean for the Bulldogs?

Why Should You Hate Nebraska? Five Reasons.

Georgia fans are used to dealing with Auburn, Florida, and Georgia Tech boosters, so it's hard to work up any honest contempt for partisans of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Nevertheless, there are five...

Marcus Lattimore Entering NFL Draft


This is not a shock, but it is good news for Georgia fans, as Lattimore has absolutely torn up the Bulldogs all three times he has faced the Red and Black. We wish this fierce competitor well for a complete recovery and a stellar professional career. Go 'Dawgs!

From From the Rumble Seat


They still need to work on their capitalization over there, but, otherwise, this is a thoughtful and respectful posting, which was appreciated, and which deserved highlighting. Go 'Dawgs!

'Dawgs Wreck Tech, 42-10

The Georgia Bulldogs were dominant in their 42-10 win over the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Are the 2012 SEC East and Peach State champions ready to claim the conference and national titles, as well?

The Mark Richt Victory Watch

The Georgia Bulldogs opened up a can of Clean Old-Fashioned Whoop-Ass on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets on Saturday, which means it's time to update that Mark Richt Victory Watch.

Too Much Information: 'Dawgs Versus Nerds

It is time once again for Clean Old-Fashioned Hate, as the Georgia Bulldogs prepare to welcome the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets between the hedges. What is in store for this in-state rivalry showdown?

'Dawgs Destroy Auburn, 38-0

The Georgia Bulldogs claimed the SEC East crown with a 38-0 victory over the Auburn Tigers on the Plains in the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry. It was kind of a good night to be a Georgia fan.

The Mark Richt Victory Watch

The Georgia Bulldogs claimed their second straight SEC East championship and evened their 120-year-old series with the Auburn Tigers. That is worth commemorating in the Mark Richt Victory Watch.

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