Georgia Bulldogs Rivals

Georgia Makes History in Win Over Clemson

It's always an historic occasion whenever the Georgia Bulldogs meet the Clemson Tigers, but the 2014 edition of the rivalry recalls the series' storied heritage more than most.

Online Supplement to Fighting Like Cats and Dogs Now Available for Download


The chapters covering 1897 to 1976 are now available for download. For the period from 1977 to 2003, you may order your personalized autographed copy at Go 'Dawgs!


Georgia, Auburn, and the South's Oldest Rivalry.

#CommitToTheG #dawgsontop TIME TO GO AVENGE ALL THE WRONGS PERPETRATED UPON @TKyleKing BY ALABAMA POLY TECH — Tyler Dawgden (@TylerDawgden) November 16, 2013 Since I appear to have made a name...

A Solution to the Problem of SEC Scheduling Without Permanent Rivalries or a Nine-Game Slate

There exists within the Southeastern Conference a divisive issue that remains unresolved, with the pertinent parties separated by differences of opinion regarding the future of the league schedule....


Touring Tiger Town: A Georgia Fan's Clemson Travel

Kyle discusses his trip to Clemson


Kyle on the Clemson game

The Mayor gives his stuff on last night's disappointing opener.


Georgia Bulldogs v. Clemson Tigers: Annotated Scoring and Record by Decade

Since CDAWG7 reasonably requested additional data regarding the upcoming outing between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Clemson Tigers, and since Dawg Haus had some valid constructive criticisms of F...

Programming Note: I Will Be Appearing on 560 The Team at 6:20 p.m. AST Tomorrow


Naturally, I'll be discussing the rivalry, the game, and Fighting Like Cats and Dogs with Clemson Sports Talk.

Go 'Dawgs!


Random Georgia - Clemson Facts from the Mayor

Odds, Ends, and Random Assorted Facts Regarding the Georgia Bulldogs' Rivalry with the Clemson Tigers


A Review of "Fighting Like Cats and Dogs"

He Done Good: A Review of Kyle King's "Fighting Like Cats and Dogs"

2013 Season Preview: South Carolina at Georgia


We take a look at the second game on Georgia's 2013 football schedule, college football's greatest non-rivalry.



"The big thing for me is our secondary," Swinney said. "If I'm sitting in the stands, that's what I'm watching. There are a lot of question marks coming out of last season. "To be fair to those guys, we were very thin going into last season, and then we just get decimated by injuries. But compared to where we were at this time last year, we have nine new pieces - eight signees and Martin Jenkins, who was out all year. So we have nine new guys to work with, out of 15 on scholarship."

Dabo Swinney on the Clemson secondary. Go 'Dawgs!

2013 Football Season Preview: 'Dawgs at Tigers

The defending SEC East champion Georgia Bulldogs kick off their 2013 campaign by renewing their age-old rivalry with the Clemson Tigers. Another close game between the two teams is likely . . . but...

Again, with Apologies for the Shameless Self-Promotion


Ty Hildenbrandt was gracious enough to have me on the Solid Verbal podcast last night.

Go 'Dawgs!

This Is Why I Need Not to Visit Rival Sites When I Have Insomnia


Auburn fans want to beat Mark Richt because he is the head coach at Georgia, and for some unknown reason, Georgia fans think Auburn is their biggest rival and vice versa, despite no provocation.

Meanwhile, Nick Fairley just turned a hose on the visitors' section of Jordan-Hare Stadium to commemorate 120 years of a nearly annual rivalry. Go 'Dawgs!

With Apologies for the Shameless Self-Promotion


The fine fellows from the Half Cocked Podcast were kind enough to have me on the show to discuss Fighting Like Cats and Dogs, the 2013 college football season, and the Georgia Bulldogs' Palmetto State rivalries . . . both of them. Go 'Dawgs!

Fighting Like Cats and Dogs


On Labor Day weekend, the Georgia Bulldogs and the Clemson Tigers will renew hostilities on the gridiron. Here's your chance to learn about the series' glorious past in Fighting Like Cats and Dogs.

Oh The Techies You'll Meet!


Allow me a confession. My absolute favorite guilty pleasure is homemade Snickers ice cream. But when I'm out of that, my second favorite guilty pleasure is reading Georgia Tech message boards,...

Georgia and 8 or 9 game conference scheduling


You may have read some discussion about whether the SEC should go to a 9 game schedule, or keep their traditional (since 1992) 8 game slate. Opinions can be divided between the two among...

NCT's Style Manual


How to discuss college sports correctly on t'Internet.


Georgia Tech back in the SEC?

Alkaline5 proposes a unique idea that it maybe better to let GT in the SEC, rather than have the north come down our way.

'Dawgs and Tigers Should Open 2013 on a Thursday


Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney has suggested moving the Tigers' 2013 college football season opener to Labor Day night, but the Georgia Bulldogs' athletic director has a better idea: play the game...

2012 Bulldog Review: Judging Mark Richt (Part Two)

Mark Richt's twelfth season as the Georgia head coach saw the Bulldogs fall just five yards short of an SEC title and a probable national championship. How does the Red and Black skipper compare to...

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