Georgia Bulldogs News

NCAA Tourney Open Thread/ UGA sports weekend prep


Open thread to talk crazy NCAA Tournament upsets (aka the Madness), Georgia's athletes winning more national titles and big honors, and tell you what's going on around the Classic City this weekend.

You Again?


It's Huskers and Dawgs...Again.

Matt Stinchcomb On Mizzou/Auburn And So Much More.


Few recent Bulldogs have enjoyed the kind of success, both on and off the field, that Matt Stinchcomb has. Stinchcomb came to Athens as a USA Today All-American out of Parkview High School. He left...

Hit Me One More Time: A Rebuttal To Mr. Sanchez.


MaconDawg sets out the equally pragmatic and high-minded arguments in favor of moving to a 9 game SEC football slate.

Beyond the Hedges 4/15/2013


We thought it had been a rough day. We've been absorbing the not-too-surprising news of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope's declaration for the NBA draft, and then we get the news of an actual tragedy:...

Beyond the Hedges: 2/17/2013


On Atlanta's coldest day of the year so far, my first thought at the close of this weekend, brutal in many ways, was to describe our brumal discontent with a post thematically built around a...

Beyond the Hedges has a new No. 1 Equestrian Team


The Dawgs are winning all over the place, including two wins over South Carolina and Bama and a men's and women's tennis sweep of Clemson. There's a lot of winning going on beyond the hedges.

Aaron Murray Reveals Dying Girlfriend


During a press conference on Thursday, Aaron Murray of the Georgia Bulldogs revealed some shocking news: Unlike Manti Te'o, Murray actually has a dying girlfriend.

Catching Up With Tennis, W Basketball, and More


The Lady Bulldogs hit a bump in the road; men's and women's tennis start 2013 strong; hockey gets a trophy.

Lady Bulldogs Roll Over Tide, Escape 'Cocks


We have winning basketball, and swimming and gymnastics aren't too shabby, either. Let's get caught up on all the Bulldog action.

Dawgs hit the pool, court, field, and ice.


Winter and spring sports start to get into full swing.

Recovering from the End of Football Starts Here.


The Lady Bulldogs basketball team, the Gym Dogs, and more are here to ease the conclusion of football.

Beyond the Hedges: 12/28/2012


The only UGA teams actively competing are in football and basketball, as we prepare for 2013, here are a couple of items of interest from outside Orlando.

Lady Dogs remain undefeated, and--MERRY MAMBO!


Keep up to speed on all Georgia Sports as we look Beyond the Hedges.

10-0 in Basketball? Yup: Landers's Ladies


Yes, UGA is a basketball school.

Football still is not the only sport in town


Dawg Sports knows you're busy, so we're making this sports news roundup quick.

Landers notches 800th UGA win, more sports news


We're thankful for many things, including a stellar women's basketball program.

In Other Bulldogs Sports News ...


Big SEC wins for swimmers; tough losses in volleyball and equestrian; tennis stars shine.

There's More to Dawg Sports than Football


Tough losses for equestrian and volleyball, fall tennis nears an end, and more news from around UGA athletics.

Basketball, swimming, horses, rugby, and more.


There's always lots going on off the gridiron, including (but not limited to) the start of the 2012-13 basketball season.

W Tennis downs a Gator, Volleyball on a roll


Feel free to continue hating the Gators while we catch up on non-football sports updates.

2013 SEC football schedule released


The SEC has released the official 2013 football conference schedule; the full schedule can be found at the link above. The highlights for Georgia are: - Our rotating opponent from the West next year is LSU, and the game will be in Athens. - The South Carolina game has been moved back to the second week of the season. - We'll be playing at Auburn for the second consecutive year instead of coming back to Athens. - There are two bye weeks! #SoftSchedule

Dawgs Beat Tech in the Pool and more UGA Sports


Football's not the only game in town, after all.

UGA's No. 1: Equestrian News and More


Sure, we have some pretty big fish chicken to fry on the gridiron this weekend in South Carolina, but there's always a lot going on in other arenas of Bulldog athletic competition.

UGA Wins in Tennis, Golf, and Volleyball


Catching up with Georgia sports that you missed on television.

Your DawgNation Headlines for September 26, 2012.


All the 'Dawg news that's fit to print. Or at least, a lot of it.

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