Georgia Bulldogs Friday Tailgate

The Return of the Friday Tailgate.


Maestro, some foot stomping music to get the tailgate started: This is the Friday Tailgate, the place where we gather in lieu of doing productive work on Friday afternoon to instead talk about...

The Friday Tailgate: "For The Record" Edition.


Maestro. we're playing the Mountaineers. I think you can take it from there: It's time to once again gear up for a weekend of college football between the hedges in Sanford Stadium. Your...

Friday Tailgate: No Way We're Losing This One!


The Georgia Bulldogs will not be playing a college football game this weekend. For once, that may be good news. I for one am looking forward to watching some college football that is guaranteed not...

The Friday Tailgate: Tennessee Edition.


The Friday Tailgate is filmed live in front of a studio audience composed mostly of out of work former Lane Kiffin assistants.

The Friday Tailgate: North Texas Edition.


The Georgia Bulldogs will take on the North Texas Mean Green is fewer than 24 hours. You gotta do something until then. It might as well be joining us around the Dawg Sports virtual tailgate tent.

The Friday Tailgate: No Skin In The Game Edition.


It's once again time for the Friday Tailgate, our wide-ranging, barely organized, tune-enjoying, Spurrier-hating gateway to college football's game weekend.

It's Friday. Let's Tailgate.


The college football weekend is fast approaching. So pull up a chair, grab a plate, and join us around the virtual tailgate tent, where MaconDawg will engage in generally heedless optimism which...

It's Your Friday Tailgate And Open Comment Thread!


Maestro, let's break the floor: This is the place for you to discuss tonight's college football action, including an 8:00 match up between Texas Tech and SMU that you wouldn't be interested...

The Friday Tailgate Is Back!


As regular Dawg Sports readers know, we're big fans of Friday open comment threads. During the offseason these are generally designated "Free Form Friday." But as football season approaches, we...

The Monday Tailgate: Auld Hang Time Edition.


We're ringing in the new year and killing time until kickoff. Pull up a chair, we've been expecting you. Just remember, should auld acquaintance be forgot, it won't matter to Verne Lundquist. He'll...

The Friday Tailgate Is Just Ready To Play.


We have just over 24 hours to fill before toe meets leather inside the Georgia Dome. Those hours may pass too slowly, but they'll pass better here. Welcome to your virtual tailgate.

Georgia vs. Georgia Southern: it's Tailgate Time.


You have to be somewhere until kickoff. It might as well be here. Pull up a chair, you're among friends.

The Friday Tailgate: Ole Miss Edition.


See what real, live Ole Miss fans not named Cooper, Manning, Sutton, or Sutherland have to say about their upcoming date with the Georgia Bulldogs.

The Friday Tailgate's Dreams Are Still Hanging On.


Keep dreaming, Bulldog Nation. Even if it breaks your heart.

The Friday Tailgate is getting its goat on.


The Friday Tailgate is getting its goat on.

The Friday Tailgate: Asking A Few Questions.


And here we are again, biding our time until the Georgia Bulldogs kick off in Sanford Stadium tomorrow afternoon. Sure some of you are probably engrossed in the Ryder Cup, where they're trying to...

The Friday Tailgate Is Glad We Don't Have Boise State's Offense. And That Feels Weird.


Welcome to the Friday Tailgate, the virtual red and black tent under which we gather to swap stories, smacktalk, predictions, and barbs at the expense of Steve Spurrier. It's like Free Form Friday,...

The Friday Tailgate: It's a Hootin' Good Time.


This is the Friday Tailgate, the place for you to hang out and talk football, wine, women, and song while you're waiting for the workday to come to an end. Which, sure as you're standing...

The Friday Tailgate Is Heading West Young Man.


If it's Friday and there's college football on the horizon, then it's time for the Friday Tailgate, that thing we do until the 5 o'clock whistle blows and Tino Sunseri is allowed out of the...

It's The Triumphant Return Of The Friday Tailgate!


If tomorrow is a football Saturday in the Classic City, then this must be the Friday Tailgate. It's Free Form Friday's moderately more focused, significantly more employable, and somewhat less...

The Friday Tailgate: Nothin' But A G-Day, Baby.


While we generally fill this space with the nonsensical ramblings of Free Form Friday, this is the one offseason Friday on which we flip the switch over to game mode. It's the Friday before G-Day...

The Saturday Tailgate. Creamsicle Collective Edition.


As I hinted back on Thursday during the Cocktail post, we've moved the Friday Tailgate back to Saturday, if for no other reason than that, well, most of you start your actual tailgating on...

The Friday Tailgate: Now With 100% More Revisionist Defensive History.


This is the Friday Tailgate, the virtual campfire around which we chew the fat while waiting for the final whistle to blow on the work week. As always your random topics of discussion go in the...

The Friday Tailgate, Ole Miss Edition: Cocktails and Play Selection and Linebacker Technique, Oh My!


No playlist today, as I find myself with spotty interwebbery, which makes streaming video like sculpting The Venus de Milo with a baseball bat. Feel free to suggest musical accompaniment of your...

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