Georgia Bulldogs Free Form Friday

The Friday Tailgate With Special Guest . . .Morrissey.


It's time for the Friday Tailgate, the virtual campfire around which we find the courage to believe that the Georgia Bulldogs can deliver a stirring SEC victory. Or pass around a bottle of the...

The Friday Tailgate: Bronco Bustin' Edition.


Welcome to the Friday Tailgate, Free Form Friday's slightly more task-oriented cousin. It's the place for you to hang out prior to kickoff exchanging stories, predictions, and occasional smack talk...

Free Form Friday Is Ready For Some Football, And May Be Able To "Handle" Your Armadillo Problem.


Some Friday mornings, like this one, I wake up brimming with delight at the thought of the upcoming weekend of college football. Then, as the fog clears, I realize that there is no college football...

Free Form Friday Is Not Afraid of Controversy.


Another Friday. Still no football. It's enough to drive a lesser man to drink,. But seeing as how this is actually being written before 8 o' clock in the morning I'm instead going to respond with a...

Free Form Friday Is Definitely Headed In The Right Direction.


  Maestro cue the theme music. This train is headed toward college football season and picking up speed: It's Friday. That's not a bad thing at all. It is, however, a Friday which is not followed...

Free Form Friday Believes That If They're Gonna Hang You Anyway You Might As Well Kill Somebody.


 Professional obligations last night and this morning kept me from my usual Friday programming responsibilities. Ironically, those professional duties had me on the campus of Georgia State...

Free Form Friday Would Run Over Your Grandmother To Be In Athens Tomorrow Morning For A Football Game.


Maestro, cue the timeless music for the offseason that never seems to end . . . It's Friday. College football season is now so close you can practically taste it. Alas, it's still not here....

Free Form Friday Does The Most American Thing Possible.


Mr. Hendrix, cue the only music American enough for the July 4th weekend edition of Free Form Friday: It's Friday. It's July. There's no college football. There's fireworks, and charred meats and...

Free Form Friday Is Glad We Didn't Get Drafted By Donald Sterling.


It's Friday, and you stayed up past your personal curfew to watch former Bulldogs Travis Leslie and Trey Thompkins get shipped off to basketball Siberia Los Angeles. And as amusing as it is to...

Free Form Friday Can't Wait To Find Out What Reuben Faloughi Had For Lunch.


Regular Dawg Sports commenter Mr. Sanchez has an interesting post up at Sports & Grits on University of Georgia athletes and their continued (mis)use of Twitter and other social media. The catalyst...

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