Georgia Bulldogs Free Form Friday

Free Form Friday Is Making The Grade.


Maestro, the music, provided by Lee Bains, III and the Glory Fires, who I strongly urge you to go see when they come to your town. They are coming to mine on July 26th along with a lot of other...

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Sorry For All the Football from Fox Sports 1


Do you dream of bathing in an unending wave of college football goodness? Do you ever feel like you just see too much of your girlfriend, the sun or your Jack Russell, Bo?  If so, do we have...

Free Form Friday: Spring Sports and Smoked Pork.


Friday is the beginning of the weekend. Some weekends there is college football. Some weekends there's none. Life is cruel that way. For the Fridays when there's no college football to look forward...

Free Form Friday: A Minor Crowd Sourcing Issue.


Maestro, cue the music: It's been pretty busy around Casa de MaconDawg lately. We're expecting our first child in a few weeks, and the preparations have been . . .significant. Over the past few...

Free Form Friday: Building A Better Signing Day.


Welcome to Free Form Friday, Dawg Sports's way of occupying you through a long, cold offseason. It's like a tailgate party, except you have to bring your own beer if you want something other than...

Free Form Friday: Don't Sweat The Technique.


It's college football's offseason, which is a problem. My problem. Your problem. Our problem. And collective problems call for collective solutions. We're gonna get through this. One way we'll do...

Free Form Friday.


Last night we here at Dawg Sports were proud to congratulate Kentavious Caldwell-Pope on his selection in the first round of the NBA Draft. Sadly, I have a sneaking suspicion that this may be...

Free Form Friday: All The World's A Song.


It's been a little too long since the maestro dialed up the DBTs. We regret the error: I've always thought that a Drive By Truckers song featuring SEC football coaches would be awesome. Not...

Free Form Friday Finds Some Things To Believe In.


We're changing it up here for Free Form Friday. Maestro, cue the speech: As you may be aware, the Georgia Diamond Dawgs recently split a two game set with the Appalachian State...

Free Form Friday Takes One In The Teeth.


It's the triumphant return of Free Form Friday, the pound puppy of offseason open comment threads, a mutt of questionable parentage and odd appearance who you just can't help but love. Let's light...

Free Form Friday.


Maestro, if you will: National Signing Day is practically upon us, so close you can taste it. And we're headed into the weirdest weekend of the whole recruiting season. The weekend over...

Free Form Friday Tries To Speak Richt-ese


Welcome to Free Form Friday, the anything goes, stream of consciousness wild card of the Dawg Sports week. Here we discuss Bulldog sports, music, barbecue, really whatever catches our fancy. Enjoy.

Free Form Friday: Have A Very Merry Apocalypse!


There was really only one choice for today's theme music. Corny and obvious? It would be, if they weren't the house band for all of Athens for two decades before the last time the world was...

Free Form Friday Gets All Friday Night Lights.


The Georgia High School Association has taken over the Georgia Dome this weekend for its annual series of state championship games. This is your open comment thread for those games, and whatever...

The Friday Tailgate.


This week under the virtual tailgate tent, we huddle around the dry erase board to talk about defending the triple option, including a look at what went right last week against Georgia Southern,...

Free Form Friday Is In A Bind And Willing To Make A Deal.


Same song, verse eleventy-billion: it's Friday and there's still no football this weekend. But because the internet will break down from lack of use if we don't banter about . . .something . . .I...

Free Form Friday Is Looking For A Few Good Allies.


The number of college football-deficient Fridays is down to a pair. But this being one of them we still have to find a way to entertain ourselves. Thus we present, once again, Free Form Friday....

Free Form Friday Makes A Series Of Impassioned Pleas, None Of Which Involve Burger King (Okay, Maybe One).


Free Form Friday is the open comment thread your mother warned you about. Sure, the tattoo of Champ Bailey should have given it away, but if not, be prepared for us squander your paycheck on...

Free Form Friday Wants To Take A Sad Week And Make It Better.


Free Form Friday is nothing if not the soul of frivolity. Which makes it a tall order in this, a monumentally difficult week to be frivolous. I mean, the Isaiah Crowell news was a real downer for...

Free Form Friday Has Some Friends We'd Like You To Employ If You Want Us To Keep Writing.


Free Form Friday doesn't know who you are. Free Form Friday doesn't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, we can tell you we don't have money. But what we do have are a very...

Free Form Friday Wonders: "What Were We Talking About Again?"


Sometimes you wake up and think to yourself "It's gonna be a great day. It's Friday. I got a job, I got stuff to do." In today's economy that's worth celebrating, no? Then as you're about to savor...

Free Form Friday Has No Sympathy For Our Appalachian Neighbors, Because Peerless Price Had None For Me.


Free Form Friday is a smooth blend of college sports and pop culture, fair trade sourced from around the world and delivered to you hot and fresh every Friday afternoon. Its distinctive aroma and...

Free Form Friday Wonders What Shade Of Lipstick Gene Smith Prefers.


This is usually Free Form Friday, a random daisy chain of football, music, barbeque and pop culture which proudly eschews all semblence of order and cohesion. However, every so often, Free Form...

Free Form Friday Is Glad The Workers Are Coming Home.


We are now inside of 100 days until the joyous return of college football. {pause for celebratory gunfire} But 100 days, as anyone who's ever served time in Tijuana for jaywalking can tell you, can...

Free Form Friday Wants You To Succeed. Or Join The Foreign Legion. Whatever.


Sure, times are tough. The days are long, the nights are longer, and there's no college football to be found during either. But it could be worse. You could be interim commissioner of the Big East....

Free Form Friday Urges Mike Adams To Embrace His Inner Chincilla Farmer.


Free Form Friday is committed to educating the youth of the Peach State, and will do so for less than some other virtual university administrators. The crew at Roll Bama Roll, for example, would...

Free Form Friday Makes Like Jim Mora. (Playoffs!?! Playoffs!?!)


Oh sure, we could talk about the NFL Draft or barbecue or whatever the hell else you rapscallions come up with, but I think we all know what the 800 pound gorilla of the day is. I could spill 2000...

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