Georgia Bulldogs Football Scheduling

Scheduling news: Opening in Prime Time


Georgia and Clemson game time set, Tech the basketball opener?

SEC Interdivisional Schedules Out Through 2025.


Yesterday the SEC released the full list of scheduled interdivisional football games through 2025.You'll recall that the League recently made the decision to stay with an eight game conference...

Georgia vs. Troy on the SEC Network


The SEC Network has announced their initial schedule of games. Georgia is the last SEC school to have a game on the conference's new TV channel.

New SEC Scheduling Plan Strikes Difficult Balance.


This evening the SEC announced a new scheduling system designed to respond to the new world of playoff football. The high points of the plan are as follows: Teams will continue to play eight...

Do you want to call a play for G Day?


Georgia is in talks for a game with Notre Dame, and you can call a play for G-Day!

UGA/Arkansas to play in Little Rock in 2014.


Obligatory, extremely literal Collin Raye fan video goes here: Via SB Nation's Razorback blog Arkansas Fight comes word that Georgia's October 18, 2014 road contest with the Battling Bielemas...

2014 SEC Football Schedule: I'll Take It.


The SEC announced its 2014 slate of conference football games this morning, and Georgia appears to have come out looking pretty good.


SEC Scheduling - Wherein We Take the Third Option

Much has been made over the past year or two of the issue of SEC scheduling. Much of that has focused on whether permanent inter-divisional rivals should exist and whether we should have an eight...

Hit Me One More Time: A Rebuttal To Mr. Sanchez.


MaconDawg sets out the equally pragmatic and high-minded arguments in favor of moving to a 9 game SEC football slate.

First Look At CBS's SEC Football Coverage.


CBS has released the first few tantalizing morsels of their 2013 football programming schedule. I am more excited about this than I can possibly explain.


Georgia Tech back in the SEC?

Alkaline5 proposes a unique idea that it maybe better to let GT in the SEC, rather than have the north come down our way.


Wreck Tech - UGA vs GT 1942

Dawg Haus does history a solid in a trip back to 1942


History Larnin' UGA vs UK 1978

Dawg Haus finds a Kentucky game that can give us a look back at the WonderDawgs.


History Larnin' UGA vs AU 1982

Dawg Haus walks us back to another great one, the Georgia Bulldogs vs the Auburn War Tigers in 1982.


Applachian State learning - UGA's 2013 opponent

Dawg Haus continues his series with a study on App State.


History Larnin' - UGA vs UF 1980

We don't really need to lead you into this one do we? Most memorable play ever? Greatest Munson call ever? Dawg Haus does his stuff again and adds a lot of terrific color.


History Larnin' UGA vs Vandy 1924

Dawg Haus takes us to a UGA - Vandy game of old, the 1924 game.


HIstory Learning: UGA vs Mizzou 1960

Dawg Haus takes us back to the 1960 Georgia Missouri game, digging up a scrambling Fran Tarkenton and some nice bits of color.


UGA vs UT 2001

Dawg Haus continues his looking forward while looking back series with UGA vs UT 2001.


History Learning - UGA vs LSU 2005

Dawg Haus takes us back to the 2005 SEC Championship Game, and the magic of DJ Shockley.


History Kinda Learning? UGA vs North Texas

Dawg Haus gives us some history of the North Texas Green Machine.

History Learning - UGA v SCAR 2002

Dawg Haus selects the 2002 UGA-SC game as one of the greatest ever in his ongoing series.

Georgia to play Clemson at Night


The Dawgs will open the season at Clemson at 8 PM on ABC. Is anyone out there going to this one?

'Dawgs and Tigers Should Open 2013 on a Thursday

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney has suggested moving the Tigers' 2013 college football season opener to Labor Day night, but the Georgia Bulldogs' athletic director has a better idea: play the game...

UGA's 2013 Football Schedule: First Blood.


While there's obviously still a lot of time between now and Labor Day Weekend, I thought it might be worthwhile to take a look at what many have identified as the most critical stretch of the...

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