Georgia Bulldogs Fan Events

Inquiring minds want to know.....


Will the entire Dawg Sports Staff get ejected? Will Kyle wear out the floor at The Blind Pig? Will there be Goat Cake smeared on the threshold? Can podunkdawg confirm there was a 4th Annual Dawg...

Goat Roast T-Shirts & Event


Get your T-Shirts & Goat Roast Party Details Here!!!

Pick your T-Shirt (Again)


So after a snafu or two we're going to try this can pick your friends, you can pick your t-shirt, and for once you can pick your friends t-shirt.

Pick Your Poison


It's T Shirt Picking here you go....

4th Annual Goat Roast - Details & TShirt Contest


Everything you need to know about the Fourth Annual Dawg Sports Sacrificial Goat Roast & T-Shirt Contest

Georgia has better things to do with their time and our money.


It looks like this is what we've been working on the past few weeks/months. A new logo and font.Clearly now with a second logo and new font, fans will be much more excited about coming out to basketball games, and the baseball team will play better.

Recognizing the Most Dedicated Dawg Sports Readers


We have a great community here at Dawg Sports, due mostly to the contributions of our loyal readers. Now that we have the final site stats for 2012, it is time to recognize the most productive...

Quick Takes


Here are some quick takes based on notes and observations from the game. As always, I do this without looking up data so you can get my gut check.

We're here to help you Roast *clap* Your Goat


We know it's been tough to be a Bulldog fan lately, but Dawg Sports has got the prescription to cure what ails you.

2012-13 Georgia Men's Basketball Season Preview


Mark Fox begins his 4th season in Athens returning all but two players from last year's team. So, with a "more athletic" and "deeper" team this year, just what can we expect from the Hoop Dawgs?...

TShirts! Get Yer TShirts!!


Everything you wanted to know about the Third Annual Dawg Sports Sacrificial Goat Roast but just weren't sure you wanted to ask including where to get those fabulous TShirts!

Goat Roasting - There Shall Be T-Shirts


Third Annual Dawg Sports Sacrificial Goat Roast T-Shirt voting

Goat Roasting - Will there be t-shirts?


(This is a photo of the actual goat sacrificed during the 2011 Goat Roast.) General Goat Roast Reminder: On October 20th a slew of Dawg Sports regulars will gather at The Blind Pig in Athens, GA...

Announcing the Third Annual Dawg Sports Sacrificial Goat Roast


Hey y'all, it's that time again, football season is close enough we can almost see it coming. We can feel it wafting in from distant lands on a gentle breeze. With football season brings our...

Georgia Bulldogs Football 2012: Your Guide to G-Day


Georgia Bulldogs fans will be converging on Athens on Saturday for the annual G-Day college football spring scrimmage. Dawg Sports walks you through the festivities, fundraisers, and fan functions...

The Weekly Dawg Sports Literary Competition . . . But, First, a Survey!


The Dawg Sports Literary Competition has become a staple of "The Dawgosphere," as the Georgia Bulldogs' college football winning streak has coincided with the production of poetry at SB Nation's...

This Week's Dawg Sports Literary Competition Wishes Larry Munson a Happy Birthday


It seems pretty clear to me what’s happening: The Georgia Bulldogs were 0-2 when there were no literary offerings here at Dawg Sports, but they’ve gone 2-0 since the fanposts took a poetic turn. At...

Postcards from the Blog: Literary Competitions, Goat Roasts, and . . . Basketball? Yes, Basketball!


Ere we get down to the serious business of getting geared up for the resumption of SEC play in Oxford this weekend, permit me to address a small handful of housecleaning details. These are they: T...

T Shirts, Get Your T Shirts!


I promised they would be ready soon and here they are, your 2011 Goat Roast T Shirts! Details after the jump.. When votes were tallied, you selected the "Bigger Goat" front with the "Everyone's a...

Goat Roast T Shirt Voting - Remix Edition - Back


Second verse same as the first....... The candidates for the back of our T Shirt are: Generic Goat Roast Shirt   Everyone's A Rival A Dawg Fan's Prayer  

Goat Roast T Shirt Voting - Remix Edition - Front


Since there's a preference in some cases for the front of one shirt and the back of another, we're going to have two polls now, one for each.  It's sort of like build-a-bear only in t shirts and...

2011 Goat Roast T Shirt Voting


Thank you everyone for your patience while we worked some things out.  We now have 4 different t shirt designs for you.  Some of the designs come from ideas posted in comment threads. ...

Welcome, Georgia Bulldogs Fans! This . . . Is Dawg Sports.


Dawg Sports brings you the latest in Georgia Bulldogs news, commentary, analysis, and discussion, at SB Nation, on podcasts, on Facebook, and on Twitter, so it's only right that the weblog should...

2011 Goat Roast - Update


So for those who are interested, a t-shirt vote is in the works, we're working with a new process, so we beg your indulgence while we work out the kinks. Now for the rest of the details: The Goat...

Last Call!!!! Submit T Shirt Designs for the Goat Roast Now


If you said you had a design in mind, if you thought to yourself, i've got an idea, if you've submitted a design in any thread - now is the time and this is the place.  Submit your designs by...

Blog Notes: Big Site News Here at Dawg Sports!


As most of you know, I recently spent a weekend in Las Vegas for the first (and, likely, first annual) SB Nation blogger convention, at which many of the fine people who make up this growing...

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