Georgia Bulldogs Cocktail Thursday

Cocktail Thursday: We're Playing In The SEC Championship Game And You're Not Edition.


Earlier this week I noted that I feel not an ounce of shame over the fact that the Georgia Bulldogs are back in the SEC Championship Game. Sure, South Carolina beat every single squad in the SEC...

Cocktail Thursday: Kentucky Edition.


Saturday is senior day in Athens. This realization led me to think about the group of seniors who'll take the field this weekend for the final time in Sanford Stadium. Some of them were a part of...

Cocktail Thursday: Abuurn Edition.


If ever America needed a weekend of college football, it's now. Lost in the crescendo of sadness surrounding events out of State College, PA over the past 72 hours or so has been the fact that...

Cocktail Thursday: Cocktail Party Edition.


As you may recall, last year the Georgia Bulldogs went down to Jacksonville with just a little bit of hope, coming off three convincing wins against Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Kentucky. The 'Dawgs...

Cocktail Thursday. Vanderbilt Edition.


I think I speak for the group when I say this: having Alec Ogletree and Christian Robinson go down to injury during the first two weeks of the season freaked me the hell out. There. I said it. Even...

Cocktail Thursday: Tennessee Edition.


As those of you who read the original MaconDawg's Blawg (both of you, and thanks for that Mom and Dad) know, Cocktail Thursday is a long-running series. We've recommended a lot of different...

Cocktail Thursday: Bizarro Bulldog Edition.


Let's dispense with the suspense. The key to this game is going to be third down. Can the Georgia defense play smart and physical and get off the field on third down? Last year we were utterly...

Cocktail Thursday: Coastal Carolina Edition.


 There are a ton of questions surrounding the Georgia Bulldogs as they prepare to take on the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers. Pondering all of those questions is enough to drive a man to drink. I...

Cocktail Thursday: Birds Of A Feather Edition.


Why is Cocktail Thursday being posted very nearly on Friday? Because Mike Bobo helped me write it, and if I've learned nothing else about comedy from Coach Bobo it's that you never lead with your...

Cocktail Thursday: Boise State Edition.


It's finally here. The first edition of Cocktail Thursday, our game-themed tonic designed to settle the nerves and raise the voices of Bulldog fans everywhere. I'll have more strategic discussion...

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