Georgia Bulldogs Cocktail Thursday

Cocktail Thursday: Having A Senior Moment.


This Saturday in Athens is Senior Day, a bittersweet commemoration of the collegiate careers of the Georgia Bulldog players who will be playing their last home game between the hedges. This year...

Cocktail Thursday/Thursday Night Open Thread.


Appalachian State is not really on many Bulldog fans' radar. Most probably last really payed attention to the Mountaineers when they took down top 5-ranked Michigan 6 years ago. This team is not...

Cocktail Thursday: Vanderbilt Edition.


It's been a rough week for Bulldog fans, and I think I understand the reason, or at least part of it. This is what I have come to call "reality week." Reality week is the week, which has occurred...

Cocktail Thursday: Missouri Edition.


If your Georgia Bulldogs are playing an undefeated divisional opponent while at the same time decimated by injuries, you could probably use a drink. Allow me to help.

Cocktail Thursday: Tennessee Edition.


One of the great things about college football is its ability to totally defy prediction. Sure, we may have the general contours down (Alabama is pretty good, USC isn't, and if Auburn's winning,...

Cocktail Thursday: LSU Edition.


If your Georgia Bulldogs are about to take on a loaded LSU squad coached by a wacky bastard in a tall hat, you probably need a drink. Allow me to help.

Cocktail Thursday: North Texas Edition.


Another fall football weekend approaches. Who wouldn't drink to that?

Cocktail Thursday: Nobody Edition.


Your Georgia Bulldogs are playing their fearsome rival . . .um . . .nevermind. Still, let's have a drink.

Cocktail Thursday: South Carolina Edition.


If you're a Georgia Bulldog fan and your favorite team is staring down the barrel of an 0-2 start and the longest losing streak to the Gamecocks in series history, you probably need a drink. Allow...

Cocktail Thursday: Clemson Edition.


If your Georgia Bulldogs are about to kick off the 2013 season at night and on the road against a top 10 team, you probably could use a drink. Allow me to help.

Cocktail Thursday: Nebraska Edition.


Bowl season is a curious time of year. It throws the schedule off not only for teams but also for fans. That's why I'm here to provide you with a game-themed libation two days before kickoff. On a...

Cocktail Thursday: SEC Championship Game Edition.


They got a name for the winners in the world. That name ain't Mike Shula, or the Alabama public school system. If you relied on either, you probably need a drink. Allow me to help.

It's The Thanksgiving Edition of Cocktail Thursday


We in Bulldog Nation have a thousand things to be thankful for. Here are roughly 23 of them.

Cocktail Thursday Is Thanking The Bulldog Seniors.


It's the last home game of the season, a time for reflection, expressions of gratitude, and booze. And not necessarily in that order.

Cocktail Thursday: University of Abuurn Edition.


Let's go beat the WarPlainsTigerEagles like they stole something. Other than a national championship.

Cocktail Thursday: Ole Miss Edition.


Ole Miss drove Ed Orgeron and Houston Nutt to drink. Why should you be any different?

Cocktail Thursday Serves Some Refreshing Honesty.


Getting ready to watch the Bulldogs take on the #2 ranked Gators in Jacksonville? You probably need a drink.

Cocktail Thursday.


Cocktail Thursday: Looking To Get Back On The Horse In Thoroughbred Country.

Cocktail Thursday: Breaking Bad Edition


Cocktail Thursday breaks bad in our bye week.

Cocktail Thursday: South Carolina Edition.


Having to deal with Steve Spurrier and Marcus Lattimore could drive a man to drink. If you're that man, I have that drink.

Cocktail Thursday: Tennessee Edition.


As the Drive By Truckers once noted, Daddy needs a drink. I'm here to help.

Cocktail Thursday Will Bring You To Your Knees.


If it's Thursday evening and this weekend's college football action just can't get here fast enough for you, you might find yourself wanting to turn to alcohol. A wise man would tell you that the...

Cocktail Thursday: Florida Atlantic Edition.


If it's Thursday and you're working hard to avoid a letdown during a huge, primetime game in Sanford Stadium against . . . [checks schedule, tilts head to the side like a juvenile German Shepherd] ...

Cocktail Thursday With Special Guest . . . Gary Pinkel


For the benefit of our Missourian visitors, this is Cocktail Thursday, the portion of the Dawg Sports pregame program in which I suggest to you a tasty game-themed libation for the upcoming...

Cocktail Thursday: Buffalo Bulls Edition.


We all have our roles here at Dawg Sports. Kyle provides insightful analysis with a brevity that Leo Tolstoy would admire. Podunkdawg reminds us of the virtues of civility when necessary. NCT...

Cocktail Friday: Outback Bowl Edition. It's A Sparty In The U.S.A.


We're changing it up a bit this week by providing the weekly gameday libation not on Thursday, but on Friday. I hope you enjoy it, because there won't be another one for quite some time. And I...

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