Georgia Bulldogs 15 Thoughts

15 Thoughts Feels Like Running the Damn Ball


A plethora of incredible running backs, a defense that made superb adjustments? Why yes, please!

Some Things Are Broken. Fix It.


Where to begin? I'd argue special teams...but it ain't that simple.

Hey, Tech! Pleased to Beat You


Tech had us in a 20 point hole. They should've had us down by 21...

15 Thoughts: The Short, Sad Version.


Just a few thoughts on the heartbreak we all witnessed.

15 Thoughts: Beta Testing Targeting Since 2013


We whipped App State and now turn our attentions to Auburn. It's in their house. We've got 'em right where we want 'em.

15 Thoughts wonders if College Football is Dead


15 Thoughts: College Football is being Emasculated

15 Thoughts: Those Cupcakes were a bit Green


Georgia dominated the statistical categories and pulled away late against a very determined North Texas squad. This game still proves that there is much work to be done.

15 Thoughts was Actually Quite Bored


Even the "Game of the Century of the Week," despite 91 totals points between 'Bama and Texas A&M did not quite capture my attention. In fact, the only thing that can save a bye week is when Georgia...

15 Thoughts Slept Much Better Last Night


Georgia's running game and Aaron Murray's excellent performance ground down the Gamecocks in Athens. We had 'em all the way.

15 Thoughts Didn't Sleep Last Night


I hate losing...especially when you aide a very good team with penalties, turnovers and, at times, poor execution. We had our chances, didn't we?

15 Thoughts: Don't Even Try to Sleep This Week.


We are less than a week away from Clemson. I should've just taken the whole dang week off...

Fifteen Thoughts Will Bring the Sunshine Back


It's the slowest time of year in the college football calendar. That got me to thinking because what else can you do when it's raining Dawgs and Dawgs out there...

Fifteen Thoughts on a Chilly Sunday...


Last night's absolute hose-job in Oxford has inspired me to write a post. I haven't done a "Fifteen Thoughts" in a while. Nothing like a little 'angried-up blood" to get the ol' keyboard humming...

Fifteen Thoughts says turn that frown upside down!


The regular football season is over and I don't feel so good myself.

15 Thoughts on a Sunday: It's About to get Real.


As expected, Georgia took care of business against the North Avenue Trade School. Are you still celebrating? Curfew begins at 8:00 tonight. We've got film to study...

15 Thoughts on a Sunday: Control is Optional...


The Georgia Bulldogs began Saturday needing to take care of business against a game Georgia Southern team. Mission accomplished: Here are a few thoughts following what was an unbelievable day of...

Georgia crushes Auburn on the Plains


Buffalo and FAU put up more fight than the Tigers did. And I have some thoughts about this along with some other "incidentals" on another glorious day of Major College Football.

Georgia whips Ole MIss - 15 (or more) Thoughts


Georgia fought off a Cocktail Party hangover and overcame a 10-point deficit to beat Mississippi on Saturday. There was a ton of good, some bad and a little bit of ugly. A victory over Auburn next...

15 Thoughts on a Head Scratching Sunday


Georgia squeaked by a Kentucky Wildcat team that gave them fits for a full 60-minutes on Saturday night. We've got problems...

15 Thoughts on a Sunday Evening: The Bye-Bye Week


15 Thoughts on a Sunday Evening

15 Thoughts on a gloomy Sunday morning


Georgia got waxed by South Carolina on Saturday night in every phase of the game. Here are a few thoughts and an appeal or two for good measure as we lick our wounds and prepare for the second half...

Fifteen Thoughts because it's Sunday


Fifteen Thoughts about the Georgia Bulldogs and other observations on a Sunday Afternoon.

Fifteen Thoughts on a Sunday Eve


15 thoughts on UGA football on a sunday afternoon

Fifteen thoughts after (and before) the storm...


Fifteen thoughts about most things Georgia Bulldogs and college football in general from DavetheDawg...who survived Tropical Storm Isaac but is genuinely concerned that it could cause some issues...

Fifteen Thoughts on a Tuesday because I was lollygagging on Sunday...


We're close, folks. Can you feel it? I can almost smell the bourbon wafting through the humidity. The days are getting shorter, and that familiar, hopeful-tinged-with apprehension feeling in...

Fifteen thoughts on a moderately boring Sunday afternoon


Fifteen more thoughts, some random, on a Sunday afternoon concerning the Georgia Bulldogs 2012 football season.

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