The 2009 Georgia Bulldogs Are Overrated . . . or Underrated


The consensus that the Georgia Bulldogs will finish ranked in the vicinity of No. 15 is almost certainly wrong. The question is whether the Red and Black are overrated or underrated.

Why Herschel Walker Was Hosed on the 1980 Heisman Trophy


The 1980 Heisman Trophy went to the South Carolina Gamecocks' George Rogers. It should have gone to the Georgia Bulldogs' Herschel Walker instead.

Mark Richt Said Virtually Nothing Noteworthy at SEC Media Days . . . Hallelujah!


Mark Richt did little to contribute to the buzz surrounding SEC Media Days. His bland remarks were a good thing, though.

Paul Finebaum Hits Mark Richt With His Purse, But Doesn't Put His Weight Behind It


If Paul Finebaum is right, Mark Richt is on the hot seat . . . or may be on the hot seat . . . or may be close to being on the hot seat . . . or may be causing folks to wonder whether one day he...

Putting Jim Donnan's Tenure with the Georgia Bulldogs Into Perspective


Bulldog Nation is in a reflective mood after former Georgia coach Jim Donnan's induction into the College Football Hall of Fame. Here is one fan's take on the controversial coach's tenure in Athens.

If the Going Got Tough, Would Mark Richt Get Going . . . to Another Program?


A recent list of SEC coaches pegged the Georgia Bulldogs' Mark Richt as the second-most likely skipper in the league to bolt for another program. Dawg Sports explains why that's just stupid.

Has Mark Richt Missed His Chance to Win a National Championship at Georgia?


Mark Richt has yet to win a national championship at Georgia. Has he missed his chance to lead the Bulldogs to the top spot in the polls, or is a No. 1 final ranking inevitable?

Big Ten v. SEC: Are Our Fans Crazier Than Theirs?


The Rivalry, Esq., asked whether SEC football fans were more rabid than Big Ten boosters. Dawg Sports explains why Southerners may not love their college teams more but have a stronger cultural...

Which Opposing Player Does Bulldog Nation Hate the Most?


We all have rival teams for whom we reserve a special contempt, but which opposing players do you hate the most?

Why the Georgia Bulldogs Will Not Play the Michigan Wolverines in 2010 . . . or Probably Ever


There's a rumor going around that the Georgia Bulldogs will travel to Ann Arbor to meet the Michigan Wolverines in 2010. Dawg Sports explains why such a series should happen . . . but won't.

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