Week 14 BlogPoll Ballot: Championship Weekend Produces Only Incremental Changes in College Football Top 25


You know which college football teams are bound for which bowl games, but do you know which teams cracked the top 25 on the Dawg Sports BlogPoll ballot? Find out whether the Auburn Tigers or the...

Georgia Bulldogs to Meet Central Florida Knights in Liberty Bowl: Who Are These Guys, Anyway?


The Georgia Bulldogs are scheduled to face the Central Florida Knights in the Liberty Bowl on New Year's Eve. Dawg Sports begins examining the matchup between the two college football teams.

Championship Saturday College Football Game Day Open Comment Thread


At noon, the Central Florida Knights take on the SMU Mustangs in a game that likely will determine the Georgia Bulldogs' bowl opponent. At 3:00, the Civil War (as opposed to the War Between the...

Old Wine in New Bottles: Why the Georgia Bulldogs' Change of Strength and Conditioning Coaches Inspires More Hope Than Confidence


In an effort to revitalize the Georgia Bulldogs' strength and conditioning program, Mark Richt has replaced Dave Van Halanger with Joe Tereshinski. Dawg Sports explains why the move inspires more...

Ignorance is Bliss: NCAA Opens Huge Can of Worms by Reinstating Auburn Tigers QB Cameron Newton's Eligibility


The NCAA found a rules violation on Monday, the Auburn Tigers declared quarterback Cameron Newton ineligible on Tuesday, and the NCAA reinstated the Heisman Trophy frontrunner on Wednesday. How big...

Week 13 BlogPoll Ballot: Auburn Tigers Cement Hold on No. 1 Ranking; Big 12 Muddle Dominates Nos. 10-14


In the wake of a wild Thanksgiving weekend of college football, how does the top 25 shake out for the Auburn Tigers, the Oregon Ducks, and the logjams atop the Big Ten and the Big 12? Dawg Sports...

Don't Bet On It!: Week 14 College Football Forecasts for the National Games of Interest and Around the SEC


It's championship week in college football, and Dawg Sports is picking the winners of all the conference title games, around the country and in the SEC, in "Don't Bet On It!"

Georgia Bulldogs Appear Liberty Bowl-Bound to Face Conference USA Champ; Is This a Good Thing?


Following a 6-6 college football season, the Georgia Bulldogs likely are Memphis-bound to face the Conference USA champion in the Liberty Bowl. Dawg Sports attempts to make the best of a...

Dawg Sports Programming Notes: Georgia Bulldogs Across All Media


Dawg Sports brings you the latest on the Georgia Bulldogs across all media, appearing on ESPN Radio and publishing Josh D. Weiss's photography and an animated drive chart from last Saturday's...

SEC Power Poll (Week 13): Everything Shakes Out During Rivalry Week


Thanksgiving weekend wrapped up the SEC college football regular season. Dawg Sports assesses the results in this week's SEC Power Poll.

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