Should Russ Lose the "Interim Mascot" Tag and Be Named the New Uga?


Should Russ lose the "interim mascot" tag and be named the new Uga? Vote in the Dawg Sports poll.

Georgia Bulldogs 44, Texas A&M Aggies 20: Declarations From the Independence Bowl


The Georgia Bulldogs returned to Shreveport 18 years after playing in their first Independence Bowl and their 44-20 triumph over the Texas A&M Aggies marked a fresh start for the Red and Black.

The Mark Richt Victory Watch


With their win over the Texas A&M Aggies in the Independence Bowl, the Georgia Bulldogs gave Mark Richt his 90th career victory in nine years. Dawg Sports updates the Mark Richt Victory Watch.


Georgia Bulldogs v. Texas A&M Aggies Independence Bowl Game Day Open Comment Thread

Couldn't make it to Shreveport to see the Georgia Bulldogs take on the Texas A&M Aggies? Head on over to Dawg Sports for the Independence Bowl open comment thread and join the discussion!

Nevermind: Bulldog Nation, You Are Now Officially Authorized to Go Back to Thinking Urban Meyer Is a Colossal Jerk With Dangerously Skewed Priorities


Dawg Sports previously expressed sympathy for Florida Gators head coach Urban Meyer. While Georgia Bulldogs fans should continue to pray for Coach Meyer and his family, that doesn't mean they can't...

Too Much Information: Georgia Bulldogs v. Texas A&M Aggies in the Independence Bowl


The Georgia Bulldogs are on the eve of their Independence Bowl date with the Texas A&M Aggies in Shreveport. Dawg Sports takes a look at the historical and statistical minutiae in "Too Much...

A Georgia Bulldogs Fan Bids Farewell to Urban Meyer


Urban Meyer's unexpected resignation has rocked the college football world. One fan of the Georgia Bulldogs bids Coach Meyer a more fond farewell than he would have expected.

Still I Look to Find a Reason to Disbelieve: An Aggie Explains Why a Georgia Fan Should Not Be Confident of Victory in the Independence Bowl


Do fans of the Georgia Bulldogs have cause to be confident about Monday's Independence Bowl? Not according to one fan of the Texas A&M Aggies, they don't.

Don't Bet On It!: College Football Bowl Edition (Part VI)


Will the Florida State Seminoles send Bobby Bowden out a winner in his last game? Can the Florida Gators overcome their disappointment in Tim Tebow's final outing? Can the Oregon Ducks get past...

Independence Bowl Preview: How the Georgia Bulldogs and the Texas A&M Aggies Each Fared Against the Oklahoma State Cowboys


The Georgia Bulldogs and the Texas A&M Aggies each lost similar games to the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Dawg Sports examines both games for their implications in the Independence Bowl.

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