RIP Torrin Lawrence


Former SEC and NCAA champ Torrin Lawrence passed away yesterday in a traffic accident on I-75 near Cordele.

Davin Bellamy Arrested for DUI/Underage Drinking/Speeding


And the march to not fielding a defense at all this fall continues.

Mark Richt as One of the Greats


A hot topic around the college football world since Coach Richt rejuvenated a dormant UGA football program many moons ago has been where he stands among his SEC coaching peers, and also where he stands among all-time greats. Dawg Sports has provided readers with the Mark Richt Victory Watch after every Bulldog victory; Kyle did an incredible series last year on Coach Richt and his place among UGA's greatest coaches at certain stages of their careers. This nifty little series of graphs from the ABH shows readers where Coach Richt stands among the household names of SEC coaches these days. Did you know that Coach Richt... -has a higher winning percentage than both Steve Spurrier and Vince Dooley? -needed fewer games to get to 100 wins than Bear Bryant and Nick Saban? -has a higher bowl winning percentage than any of the guys on the list? Critics will always say that Coach Richt falls short of the only number that matters- the ranking at the end of the season. I'm not going to say I'm pleased that Georgia hasn't won a national championship in my 30 years on this earth. What I will say is that we have a darn good coach and a darn good man running our football program. That championship will come, maybe even sooner than you think. We finally have a capable defensive coordinator in Athens!

Mark Richt has lost control of


Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples and Zac Ellis discuss Mark Richt and Georgia's strict policies and whether or not they're hindering the Bulldogs.

Nick Marshall cited for weed


Move along nothing to see here.

Yet another reason to be proud to have CMR


Coach Richt has started the Paul Oliver Network to help former players live life after football ends. Oliver was a 5-star defensive back in the 2003 class who ended his own life in September 2013. "I don't want any one of our guys to feel like, 'I don't know where to go. I don't know where to turn.'" Read the full story at the Macon Telegraph here.

Rich Poythress Signed by Atlanta Braves


Minor league free agent 1B Rich Poythress was signed by the Braves and assigned to Double-A Mississippi

Turtle Jackson Commits to UGA!


William 'Turtle' Jackson has flipped his commitment from UConn to UGA. The 4-star combo guard is a huge pickup for us and positive sign for Fox's recruiting and that of the assistants, Hayes and Redmond.

Chris Conley's Star Wars film Retribution


Chris has released his mini Star Wars film, you may have seen the trailer/short film. This is certainly original. The cameos are great. Enjoy... EDIT: I made this a link shot rather than an embed because Conley deserves his views. But we can discuss below.

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