Anybody going to be in Savannah this weekend?


The Ice Dowgs are playing the florida gators and the Nerds this weekend in the Savannah tire hockey classic. Puck drops at 8:30 friday and Saturday. Tix:are like 12 and 16 dollars. The family 4 pack is 48 bucks. GO DAWGS AND GATA!!



Thought y'all would get a chuckle out of this.

Letter to Florida's President


Fisheries Dawg is a DGD. He's got a degree from UGA, and he's as big of a Georgia guy as you'll ever meet. He also spent a year as a POW getting his masters at Florida. I woke this morning to see a copy in my inbox of his email to UF President Bernie Machen. I couldn't agree more with his sentiments.

Kiffen on the unemployment line.


62-41 Arizona State. Oops I think that was the last straw. 'The Trojans posted a short news released to the school's athletic department web site early Sunday morning, saying that athletic director Pat Haden informed Kiffin of the decision ''upon the team charter's arrival back in Los Angeles'' after the loss, USC's seventh in its past 11 games."

Are you there, God? It's me, Uga.


Well, why not appeal to a higher authority?

Finebaum's Ears A Dead Give-away?!?


Sorry, I'm sick of "Mr SEC" being a cover for an obvious 'Bamer! /Adolescent yes, but sheesh!

College GameDay Coming to UGA/Clemson


I guess this game didn't have enough hype yet... Per ESPN's GameDay Twitter.

The Bulldogs To The Braves


I opened up today to check my fantasy baseball team, and that pic was on the main page of the fantasy site. The beginning of the article talks about how the Braves thought about using their 2012 first round draft pick on Wood, but ended up going with a HS pitcher out of Atlanta, Lucas Sims. To the Braves delight, Alex was still available in the 2nd round at pick 88. It then discusses how quickly he has moved through the Atlanta farm system, before giving a scouting report on Wood. Wood attacks hitters primarily with two pitches: a low-90s fastball that can reach 96 mph, and a quality changeup. Scouts don't like his curve ball yet, which he just learned this spring from Craig Kimbrel and Jonny Venters, nor do they like his delivery, but it does give him some deception to hitters, so I couldn't care less.

Close-up Shot of iPad Playbook Captured


The Dawgs were issued these iPad playbooks the other day, and a photographer snapped a shot of Murray holding up an iPad with what appears to be an innocuously normal iPad screen. That picture, however, was digitally altered, but I have obtained a copy of the real photo at the sacrifice of many Bothans. Looks like RedCrake was right, after all.

We have a new president today.


From the UGA Photographic Services Facebook page: "President Jere Morehead arrives to the Administration Building on his first day in office as President of the University of Georgia on July 1, 2013."


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