Coach of the year kind of stuff. That’s what we saw from Georgia’s Mark Fox this season. Yes, Florida went 18-0 in SEC play and the Gators’ are the nation’s No. 1-ranked team. There is no arguing that Billy Donovan will be deserving of that award and any others that will likely come his way. But for good, old fashioned, roll-up-your-sleeves, quality hard work amid difficult circumstances, there are very few coaches anywhere who can claim to have done a better job that than Fox. Only longtime observers of Georgia basketball can probably fully appreciate what his team managed to accomplish this season. Only one Bulldogs’ team in the 81-year history of the school’s association with the Southeastern Conference has won more conference games. The one that did, the 1990 Bulldogs, won the regular-season championship (with a 13-5 record). Just to provide perspective, only five previous teams in the history of the program managed to win 11 or more conference game and one of those had to vacate them due to improprieties.

Chip Towers puts the Georgia basketball season in perspective.

Mat Drills 2014 Video

Mat Drills 2014 from Georgia Football on Vimeo.

Mint'ly. Endurant. Georgia football.

Maybe Alabama's Strength and Conditioning Program Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be

If the Crimson Tide are so much better than everyone else at strength and conditioning, why are their former players so susceptible to injury?

Georgia's Offensive Line Ranks 49th of 126 Division I-A Teams

If that doesn't attest to the line's maddening inconsistency, I don't know what does.

New LB coach Mike Ekeler's open letter

An interesting read from our newest defensive coach hire. h/t to Senator Blutarsky's and his blog.

Mark Richt Shows Off His Curling Prowess

How could the Team USA scouts have missed such a promising talent?

Special Teams Coaching Restructured

John Lilly is now in charge of all offensive special teams (kickoff return, punt return, FGs, PATs). Mike Ekeler is now in charge of all defensive special teams (kickoffs, punts, defending FGs and PATs).

Georgia To Spend Money

This is overdue, but still great to hear.

Taking On UGA Castoffs: It's Not Just for Auburn Anymore!

Mark Richt has lost control of Nick Saban's roster management.

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