College Basketball NCAA Tournament

Sweet 16 Friday night open thread


More basketball tonight? Yep. 11 seed Tennessee vs. 2 seed Michigan, 7:15 p.m., CBS 7 seed Connecticut vs. 3 seed Iowa State, 7:27 p.m., TBS 8 seed Kentucky vs. 4 seed Louisville,...

NCAA basketball open thread


Landers' ladies are on ESPN at 5:30, among so many other games today. Discuss with us.

NCAA Tournament Open Thread


Basketball and other things open thread. All our brackets are busted. George RR Martin wishes he could draft a blood bath like the first round.

NCAA Friday Night Games Open Thread


Georgia plays in Steg tomorrow at 11. The tournament we want to start making plays tonight. Let's talk about it. I'm not Linda Richman nor am I verklempt.

Lady Dawgs Play Tonight at 9:00 ADT on ESPN


The Lady Dawgs play Stanford at 9:00 Athens Daylight Time (ADT) on ESPN in the Sweet Sixteen. This will serve as the open thread for the event. There are also a lot of Dawg Sports going on today - Horses, Volleyball, Softball, Baseball.

UGA WBB vs. Iowa State, NCAA 2nd Round


UGA vs. Iowa State, 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament, tonight at 9:50 p.m. ESPN2 has regional coverage. There's a coverage map at the ESPN site (scroll down).

Dawg Sports Bracket Update: Jumble At The Top


Vineyarddawg provides an update on the Dawg Sports bracket group. Hope you didn't rely on any of his picks...

Dawg Sports Brackets


Follow the link, and hit join group. Our group # is 123362, and the password "godawgs". Good luck!

Need some bracket advice? Well, read this anyway:


VineyardDawg puts on his special crazy hat and whacks away at the NCAA tournament bracket.

Handicapping the Hoop Hounds' NIT Hopes

Heading into tonight's critical men's basketball showdown with the Alabama Crimson Tide, Mark Fox's Georgia Bulldogs have a realistic shot at making the NIT field. How well will the Hoop Hounds...

The St. Patrick's Day/NCAA Tourney Open Comment Thread.


First, the PG-13 rated theme music for those of you who had Duke and Missouri in the Final Four: Welcome to the open comment thread for the day we Irish-Americans celebrate our ancestors'...

Free Form Tournament Open Comment Thread.


The week is done. . . and there you are . . .you're running for your life . . .straight to your car . . .And all friggin' week . . .no one knows . . .just how hard you worked . . .but now it...

How to Pick a Winning NCAA Tournament Bracket the Dawg Sports Way!


There are several theories for filling out an NCAA Tournament bracket. Dawg Sports gives you several winning ways . . . and predicts a national championship for an SEC team you might not expect!

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