SEC Football


History Larnin' UGA vs Vandy 1924

Dawg Haus takes us to a UGA - Vandy game of old, the 1924 game.


HIstory Learning: UGA vs Mizzou 1960

Dawg Haus takes us back to the 1960 Georgia Missouri game, digging up a scrambling Fran Tarkenton and some nice bits of color.


UGA vs UT 2001

Dawg Haus continues his looking forward while looking back series with UGA vs UT 2001.


History Learning - UGA vs LSU 2005

Dawg Haus takes us back to the 2005 SEC Championship Game, and the magic of DJ Shockley.

History Learning - UGA v SCAR 2002

Dawg Haus selects the 2002 UGA-SC game as one of the greatest ever in his ongoing series.

Why Georgia Needs to Emulate Nick Saban's Approach

Some of Nick Saban's roster management practices may be ethically questionable, but Greg McGarity, Mark Richt, and the Georgia Bulldogs should follow the Alabama Crimson Tide's lead in one respect regarding recruiting.

SEC Power Poll: No. 1 Is No. 1, But Who's No. 2?

The Southeastern Conference produced its seventh straight BCS college football national champion, but how do the remaining SEC teams stack up against one another in the country's toughest and most competitive league?

Why an Irish win is better for Georgia

Georgia fans should cheer for Notre Dame tonight. It's not a long list, because it's Notre Dame, but still, in our own self interests, an Irish victory doesn't hurt near as much as a Bama win.

A deeper look at Georgia's new DL coach

We go a little more in depth on just what type of coach Georgia has hired to replace long time staff member Rodney Garner.

Marcus Lattimore Entering NFL Draft

This is not a shock, but it is good news for Georgia fans, as Lattimore has absolutely torn up the Bulldogs all three times he has faced the Red and Black. We wish this fierce competitor well for a complete recovery and a stellar professional career. Go 'Dawgs!

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