Georgia Bulldogs Dawg Bites

Tuesday Midday Dawg Bites: Bubba Watson, Barry Switzer, and Broken Marriages Edition


Bubba Watson is getting ready for the U.S. Open, Mark Richt landed another commitment on the college football recruiting trail, and a former Georgia Bulldogs swimmer qualified for the Olympics. Get...

Wednesday Night Dawg Bites: Big Mistakes . . . They're in the Game! Edition


I swear I’m trying to get back into the swing of things after being away for a week, but I’m not quite there yet, between the stack on my desk at the office and whatever persistent sinus-related...

Tuesday Night Dawg Bites: Makin' It Rain Edition


Is University of Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity spending enough money to keep the Bulldogs competitive with other SEC baseball, basketball, and football programs?

Thursday Morning Dawg Bites: "MIND CALISTHENICS!" Edition


Thursday Morning Dawg Bites: "MIND CALISTHENICS!" Edition

Tuesday Morning Dawg Bites: Parker? Mary-Louise Parker? Peter Parker? Parker Stevenson? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Parkers! Edition


College basketball recruit Tony Parker chose Ben Howland's UCLA Bruins over Mark Fox's Georgia Bulldogs. Dawg Sports brings you this and other newsworthy items of note in "Dawg Bites."

Thursday Dawg Bites: April 19, 2012


Thursday Dawg Bites: April 19, 2012

Tuesday Morning Dawg Bites - 'Broken National Championship Trophy National Championship, PAWWWLLLLLL' Edition


Good morning, Dawg people. On this fine Tuesday morning, I hope all of you have settled into your respective work weeks, keen on the idea that, while it's not yet Wednesday, today is not...

Tuesday Morning Dawg Bites: Georgia Women's Postseason Fields Set, Bulldogs Looking Toward Palmetto State


The Georgia Bulldogs are looking ahead to postseason play in women's equestrian and gymnastics, while they are looking to the Palmetto State in men's baseball and basketball. Dawg Sports has the...

Thursday Morning Dawg Bites Is Glad Our Athletic Director Is Greg McGarity Instead of Some Icelandic Singer


On the eve of a busy weekend in Bulldog Nation, Dawg Sports brings you the latest Georgia Bulldogs news, from Herschel Walker to Sanders Commings to Greg McGarity's efforts to keep the Clemson...

Tuesday Morning Dawg Bites - "Wear A Sweater Day" Edition


A fine "Guten Morgen" to everyone in DawgNation this morning on a day that should be, but isn't, celebrated by the majority of red-blooded Americans. You see, today marks a significant day in the...

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