Georgia Bulldogs Dawg Bites

Friday Morning Dawg Bites: At Last It's Here


Some tasty morsels as opening game preparations continue. Also, Ann-Margret.

Wednesday Evening Dawg Bites Asks: Why Didn't The Ramones Just Watch ACC Football?


There are a variety of ways to make it through the last interminable 24 hours before honest to goodness SEC football kicks off. Here's one: Mark Richt has lost control of Joey Ramone's fingers...

Monday Morning Dawg Bites: Football Football Football Football Football Football Football! Edition


It's game week in Athens, and Dawg Sports is here to get you ready for the start of the Georgia Bulldogs' 2012 college football season, and for the Red and Black's games against Buffalo and Missouri.

Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites: Todd Gurley, Man, Is Here to Pump (Clap) You Up! Edition

Incoming freshman tailback Todd Gurley is making a favorable impression for the Georgia Bulldogs, highlighting Wednesday morning's edition of "Dawg Bites."

Monday Morning Dawg Bites - 'Satisfaction' Edition

Well folks, here we are on the 20th of August, a mere ten days away from the start of college football. The 20th of August, however, marks the occasion of a number of important historical events,...

Thursday Morning Dawg Bites - Red Dead Edition

Dawg Sports takes a bite out of recent news stories, including UGA preseason scrimmages and the Red & Black's staff resigning and forming Red Dead.

Monday Night Dawg Bites: "Are You Ready for Some Football?" Edition


Bulldog Nation is ready for the 2012 college football season to get underway, and Dawg Sports brings you the latest on Georgia athletics.

Thursday Morning Dawg Bites: The Continental Edition

The Georgia Bulldogs have been in action overseas in England and in Italy, while Mark Richt's football team conducted its first fall scrimmage. Dawg Sports brings you the latest.

Friday Morning Dawg Bites: Kolton Houston Means That We're One Day Closer to Fall


John Isner was eliminated, Chase Vasser was suspended, Kolton Houston was ineligible, and the coaches' poll was released. It was a busy day for the Georgia Bulldogs.

Friday Night Dawg Bites Says Hello, Says Goodbye, and Parses the Depth Chart


Justin Grimm makes his first start for the Texas Rangers, Mark Richt releases the Georgia Bulldogs' preseason football depth chart, and a blogger for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets bids farewell...

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