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Emmert says union "grossly inappopriate"

Emmert spoke out against the recent labor ruling, but sees a shift soon.

Georgia Women's Club Lacrosse Team Beats Emory— UGA Women's Lacrosse (@UGAWomensLax) April 5, 2014 The eighth-ranked Georgia women’s club lacrosse team closed out the Bulldogs’ home schedule on Saturday afternoon...

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Final Four Saturday Open Thread

Georgia has a lot of sports going on today. We told you about them yesterday. We can talk about the ones going on today here today. We can also talk about the Final Four here today. There will...

The NCAA goes after Jack Bauerle

After a season-long investigation, the NCAA has finally released its official letter of allegations against, Jack Bauerle, accusing him of 2 major infractions.

Goings on in Georgia sports this weekend

Well, spring is finally getting here around the south. And as the weather warms up, the games move outside. Basketball is all but done, and we're looking forward. There's some football news, but...

The 2014 fall weddings guide

Wedding season is not college football season. But let's run through each Saturday anyway, just to make sure.

Paris Bostick to transfer

LB Paris Bostick has decided to leave the program after redshirting last year as a freshman. "After discussing the situation with Paris, we mutually agreed this is a good decision," said Richt. ...

Mark Richt Has Lost Control Of This Portrait Story

By now you already know that Mark Richt has been mailing sketches of high school recruits in Bulldog gear to said recruits, and that the reaction has been really positive. Now a bunch of MS Paint...

Abdul Bello recruit scouting report

Abdul Bello is one of the most interesting players in the 2015 class. He has great potential, but almost no experience.

Scouting Shawn Burgess-Becker: WR or DB recruit?

Shawn Burgess-Becker is a recruit with great versatility, as he can play receiver or defensive back at a high level.

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