Georgia Bulldogs Free Form Friday

Free Form Friday Fears Suicidal James Franklin, White BBQ Sauce, And Nothing Else.


Maestro, cue the periodic reminder that if you missed the opportunity to see R.E.M. live, whether in 1985, 1995, or 2005, you missed out on something special indeed. Not to be a geezer about...

Free Form Friday Heads Out On The Highway Looking For Adventure.


College football's offseason. The final frontier. These are the musings of Free Form Friday. It's mission: to boldly make light of a situation that, when you get right down to it, isn't really very...

Free Form Friday Has Another Modest Proposal.


Welcome to Free Form Friday, where we gather to discuss college football, barbecue, the oxford comma, the storming of the Bastille, the Sound and the Fury, and who knows what else while we wait for...

Free Form Friday: Spring Fever Edition.


In a world where the University of Georgia football team will not take the field for five and a half months in live action, the basketball team is still licking its wounds while the Mercer Bears...

Free Form Friday At The Movies: And The Oscar Goes To . . .Derek Dooley As "SEC Football Coach #6!"


It's awards show time again, which means theme music not approved by the Motion Picture Academy Of America, and a passel of offseason awards you won't find on this weekend's telecast, all after the...

Free Form Friday Does Just What It Says It's Gonna Do. Which Ain't Much.


Free Form Friday Welcome to Free Form Friday, your Dawg Sports open comment thread for the offseason weekend. It is not endorsed by Vampire Weekend, is generally less entertaining than Weekend At...

Free Form Friday Is Bringing The Technology Of Tomorrow To The Tailgate Of Today.


Sometimes, there's no football. And it sucks. But if those of us here at Dawg Sports weren't driven shrieking for the hills by watching the last 2 weeks of Georgia Bulldog basketball, the 2010...

Free Form Friday Has Sent In Its Letter Of Intent To Truett Cathy.


Free Form Friday is back this morning like last night's Barberito's. Hit us with the theme music, Mr. DJ: It now appears official that freshman football players Sanford Seay and Nick...

The Triumphant Return Of Free Form Friday


Once a generation a writer comes along who shakes the very conventions of his craft, a writer who unhinges the doors of the reader's conceptual dungeon and thereby reveals a world of possibilities...

The Friday Tailgate: Swinging From The Chanticleers Edition.


It's Friday. You've got a job. You've got stuff to do. But you're concerned about whether or not Ray Drew will get on the field, whether Isaiah Crowell will hit the quatrillion yard mark...

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