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"Unprecedented penalties" to be levied against Penn State by NCAA


Announcement set for 9:00 A.M. Monday. However, CBS is the source on this, so use caution.

Saturday Night Fever


As I often do this time of year, I went out this night in my Georgia Bulldogs T shirt. I call it the "Super G". Like the Superman S but with a G, and red and black. It's kinda the same. It's an...

The Countdown: Twoscore to go


Twoscore days left until college football: brought to you by Theron Sapp

Free Form Friday Makes A Series Of Impassioned Pleas, None Of Which Involve Burger King (Okay, Maybe One).


Free Form Friday is the open comment thread your mother warned you about. Sure, the tattoo of Champ Bailey should have given it away, but if not, be prepared for us squander your paycheck on...


"Till Another Comes Forward:" 10 Different Positions on Penn State

Since vineyard’s excellent post has gotten over 300 comments, I have tried to summarize the various points made there here. Some of these positions are composites, and many of y’all may find...

2012 SEC Media Days: Mark Richt Approaches the Podium with the Georgia Bulldogs in the Role of the Hunted


Mark Richt approaches the podium at SEC Media Days with the Georgia Bulldogs in the role of the Eastern Division frontrunner. How will the 'Dawgs fare as the hunted?

A cautionary word against lynching those who are not guilty


Do the innocent bystanders in the Penn State scandal deserve to be lynched along with the guilty? I hope not.

The Countdown: 43 Days.


Every year college football websites (including this one) do countdowns to the day when toe meets leather, the day when college football season gloriously returns to fill our lives and DVRs with...

Rush the Court Basketball Preview with a Dawg Sports Interview


Rush the Court did a little basketball preview and asked us for an interview. Solid work overall, and although their forecast hurts, it's likely true. You can find my interview at the link.

Seven Thoughts About the Georgia Bulldogs on a Slow News Day Tuesday


The SEC television schedule for the first three weeks of the 2012 college football season has been announced. Dawg Sports discusses this and other issues affecting the Georgia Bulldogs.

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