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Missouri Down Two On Offensive Front?

Bulldog fans have circled the team's road trip to Columbia, Missouri on September 8th as perhaps the key contest of the first half of the 2012 season. It now appears that Mizzou may be welcoming...

Help Us Build the Dawg Sports Image Bank!

You may have noticed a handful of asides, snarky and otherwise, by members of the Dawg Sports writing staff in recent weeks regarding the use of photographs here at the site. This was prompted by...

Thursday Morning Dawg Bites: The Continental Edition

The Georgia Bulldogs have been in action overseas in England and in Italy, while Mark Richt's football team conducted its first fall scrimmage. Dawg Sports brings you the latest.

Georgia Bulldogs 2012 Season Preview: The South Carolina Gamecocks


With the first 5 games of the season discussed, and apparently my compatriots spitting in the face of fate and predicting we get here undefeated, we reach game 6, an October 6th date in the...

Kids Are Named The Darnedest Things: The Best Names In College Football Recruiting.

One of the lesser known joys of following college football recruiting is the cognitive dissonance which results when you find yourself watching film of a high school football player with a truly...

Fifteen Thoughts on a Tuesday because I was lollygagging on Sunday...

We're close, folks. Can you feel it? I can almost smell the bourbon wafting through the humidity. The days are getting shorter, and that familiar, hopeful-tinged-with apprehension feeling in...

A Georgia Bulldogs Fan's Open Letter to Mark Richt Regarding the Head Football Coach's Goatee

Georgia Bulldogs head football coach Mark Richt has grown a goatee, which he intends to shave before college football season starts. Dawg Sports explains why he should retain the facial hair.

Excellent Interview with Grantham by Dean Legge


Dean Legge of the DawgPost has a nice, lengthy (over 8 minutes) interview up with Grantham, and there are several nuggets included. My favorite would have to be his answer to the question of how Damian Swann is doing...'Awesome. He's really good.' but there are seriously a ton of good pieces...stick through the whole thing, because it's worth it to the end. What's your favorite part?

Your August update of professional Diamond Dawgs

It's August, and that means football starts cranking up, while baseball starts winding down. So, before we turn our complete attention to the pigskin, we point out how 17 former Diamond Dawgs are...

Georgia Bulldogs 2012 Season Preview: The Tennessee Volunteers

Continuing the Dawg Sports 2012 Season Preview series, we're up to the fifth game of the season against the Tennessee Volunteers. Will the Dawgs handle the Volunteers easily, or is this setting up...

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