RTDB – Tailback U Returns with Ferocity in 2014



With a potential Heisman candidate and the best running back committee in the Nation, Georgia can return to its roots in 2014 by running all over you. Todd Gurley with the power, Keith Marshall with the speed, Nick Chubb with a…who really wants to try and tackle Nick Chubb?, and Sony Michel just because, RTDB could take on new meaning.

Georgia will run from the I, the power I, split back formations, and the pistol. I can’t tell you how good that felt to write. That’s like RTDB sex magic. With a Senior QB in Hutson Mason, a lightning fast and dangerous deep Malcolm Mitchell on the outside, a solid 6’6 254 TE in Jay Rome, Chris Conley and Reggie Davis (also a running back) in the slot, I can only think DCs are going to have a hard, hard time game planning. Given my X and O thought processes, I would not want to scheme against this UGA offense. And here’s a big reason why it’s so good beyond raw talent: The play action pass is going to be deadly. You cannot, not honor, a potential handoff to our RBs. If Mike Bobo sees the PA is being blown off by the keying LBs, then he’s going to RTDB even more. This is all kinds of good for us. If Mason also has a very stealthy fake handoff…well, you see it. Honor our run, then you get a post or TE pass. Don’t honor our run, then you get flattened by the best running back quadro ever. /shiver

The way to beat Georgia is, as always, going to be in the trenches. Busting up the line to create chaos, buying time for the LBs to read and react will be critical for opponents. This is where I wish we had just a touch, touch, better O line. Our opponents will blitz and attack inside hard, especially early, to disrupt our script. The response from Georgia should be to go to some hot passes for Hutson Mason. Mason needs to take the short easy passes to make RTDB effective. Short passes are ok! SHORT PASSES ARE GOOD! Although we really built the bomb under Stafford and Murray, and admittedly got away from it a little last year, the bomb is not our effective tool. However, Mitchell stretching the safeties is. Let me say that again – Mitchell stretching the safeties is huge. Stretch the field; hit the hot pass on PA. RTDB. Repeat.

What I wonder is how we approach 3rd and long. We are all scared of the deep ball incomplete or the draw into a wall, but I hope we still RTDB believe it or not, or a variant thereof. Screens. Screens out of spilt backs….oh my. Nick Chubb throwing the first block. (It’s going to happen one time and you’re going to remember it your entire life). Again, we don’t need Mason to hit the long post or deep fade, he just needs have some touch on the short pass, and let it work. Yea, I am also remembering a guy named Buck that did this stuff. Sometimes, however, it will be ok to not get the 1st down, if our RTDB knocks some people over and creates the fear. That fear is what I really want to see, and really think is our weapon…which RB is going to do what? Fear is bad for them, the suspense will be wonderful for us.

We are again at an amazing point where Mike Bobo has the entire, the whole enchilada, of the playbook available to him. What he does to analyze ability and practice strengths is huge. The only thing we can’t do is a long developing passing tree, which he likes to do. But with an average line, a good but not great QB, with a stellar RB corps, the answer will be simple, mix in some short passes, screens, and RTDB.

Until next time…GO DAWGS!

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