Did the Georgia Pro Day Upgrade Aaron Murray’s Draft Status?

Scott Cunningham

Aaron Murray, the SEC’s All-Time Passing Yardage and Touchdown Leader may have drastically helped his draft status during the Georgia Pro Day.

To no one’s surprise, Murray’s health has been the number one concern for many of teams looking to add a quarterback to their roster, and it appears that Murray may have squashed those concerns.

Murray’s completed 48 of 54 passes, with 3 of those labeled as drops, during the Georgia Pro Day. Murray’s goal was to show that his leg was healthy and that he was healthy to compete for a job this season.

After the Pro Day Murray said, "We did a lot of throws on the run, left and right, to demonstrate my ability to cut off my leg and show everyone that I'm healthy. That way these teams don't have to worry about if they draft me that I'm going to have to sit out or anything like that."

The post Pro Day comment shows the confidence that Murray has in his rehab. A confidence that was shared by the EXOS/Athletes’ Performance facilities Vice President, Trevor Moawad, who also worked with Sam Bradford before the 2010 Draft.

Moawad went on the record to say, "I think he’s ahead of probably where he should be at this time and I think come May 8 after the draft, I think he’s going to be able to show up at a team and be right where he needs to be."

Quarterback guru Terry Shea, who worked with Matthew Stafford and RGIII going into their drafts, said, "In [the] four weeks that we’ve been together, I’ve never seen him favor that knee or anything. So I’m really excited that he’s healthy."

Now that Murray has proven himself to be healthy, many experts have him leaving draft boards sometime during the second or third rounds of the Draft.

Murray was grateful that his 15 former teammates were willingness to push the Pro Day back for him, which included the tight end Arthur Lynch. The 6’5" tight end took part in several drills that would help improve his draft status, which included full back, tight end, and special teams drills.

Offensive guards Chris Burnette and Dallas Lee took turns snapping the ball to Murray to show versatility for the scouts from the 23 NFL teams that came to the Georgia Pro Day.

"I don’t want to limit myself to guard. I’ve had a little bit of experience playing center, so I tried to focus on my snaps and stuff like that during this time off. I think it was good for me to be able to do that," said Burnette.

Defensive tackle Garrison Smith was also geared up at the Pro Day to make his case to the NFL scouts. After the Pro Day Smith made one last attempt to gain attention from the NFL scouts:

"Look at game film, look at my stats. I had good games against good teams this year. I didn’t have no amazing games against teams that they say were less of opponents. I had good games against Florida, LSU, Tennessee. They’re supposed to have one of the best offensive lines in the country. Watch the film. That’s all I want people to see: I’m a good player."

Former Bulldog and current Cincinnati superstar A.J. Green was in attendance for the Georgia Pro Day, and said that he thought that Murray looked sharp, especially considering the injury and timeframe. Green’s attendance only adds to the speculation that Murray may end up going to the Bengals in the 2nd or 3rd round, where he could compete for the starting job, immediately.

Other teams reportedly interested in Murray include the Browns, Lions, Dolphins, Titans, and even the Saints. If selected by the Saints, he would most likely become the heir apparent to the aging Drew Brees (35).

Whomever lands Murray may be getting the "steal of the draft," as put by Jon Gruden.

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