Formerly known as Tankeroad's Takes...

Rush the court, don’t rush the court. Either way, ESPN is wrong to give college students instructions on when or how or where or why to rush the court. Jealous bastards. Yes, ESPN did by the way. ESPN.

Labron James had a really cool mask. He may not be the next air Jordan, but his duties as Phantom of the Court are well attained.

ESPN says we need college to be more like the pros with 6 fouls and a shorter second clock. Which would result in more scores. Idiots. If you cant score now, how does any of that help? One and done is the problem. Maybe if thestars played as upperclassmen that would help. OH I SO CRAZY. Have upperclassmen good players? It's not the fouls or the clock. Can I punch someone?

Jim Beam is now owned by some Japanese cooperation. Did anyone see that coming? Jim Beam is older than, well, everything. The real disappointment is I have yet to get an endorsement check for greatest Beam drinker. Frackers. I just wish they bought UGA basketball. At least someone would have an investment.

I spent my evening (oh, here we go with the Beam jokes) at the Dixie Tavern. After a great collection of Alabama, Oak Ridge Boys, and Old Medicine Crow, I never seen more white people in my life. And then they played Bell, Biv, and Devoe, and I never seen more white people in my life. You know - that girl is poison. Also same as talking about how to improve our arenas.

I freaking don’t care if people smoke. But someone figured out lately that blowing smoke in your face isn’t healthy. Who knew Kansas could beat Georgia on smoking laws. Oh, don’t talk about wheat or basketball, they will whip your ass.

I’ve never rushed a court or a field. And I reckon now I never will. I just did what a proper southern boy would do and broke into the stadium with my girl and had relations. Imma say that’s a win.

Soon comes the spring break of our discontent. College students love it. I put money on squares for what the charges will be. Hint: If you are not white driving a not white car through Alabama – you maybe profiled.

I don't hate Nemanja Djuisic as a person. I am just astounded my vertical leap at the same age was better. No, not joking. Mark Fox probably alternates between shooting him or shooting himself.

Did I mention squares or brackets? HAHHAHA. That’s not something you see Georgia on this time of year. I blame it on Stegeman Coliseum. Oh, wait, you don’t like that argument? Well, here is the deal. Every school has a logo way bigger than ours at center court. Now, I like the power G, but the power G barely cuts half court the way so many winning schools have a logo from 3 point line to 3 point line. The clear, unmistakable problem with basketball is we need a bigger logo on the court.

- chuckdawg

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