Winter/Spring UGA Sports Trivia

I know the news of Josh Harvey-Clemons being dismissed from the team this week is a bit of a smudge on what's otherwise been an outstanding offseason for Georgia football. Well, this might not be the most popular suggestion around here, but let's forget about football for just a short while.

Below are some trivia questions on select winter and spring Georgia sports. I hope you take a minute and try to answer all that you can. For those of you who have enjoyed my trivia, this will be the last trivia post for a while. For those who haven't, this will be the last trivia post for a while. :)




Which Georgia sports team has won the most national championships?

A: Gymnastics (10). Winning five in a row from 2005-09, the Gym Dogs have been so dominant, one could even posit that Georgia is a "gymnastics school."

Who was the first Bulldog student-athlete to win an individual national championship? Care to guess in which sport and when?

A: Former Georgia track star Spec Towns won the 120-yard high hurdles in 1936.




To date, only one Georgia basketball player has tallied over 1,000 rebounds. Who was it? How many did s/he have?

A: Bob Lienhard had 1,116 rebounds in his career at Georgia.

Which Georgia basketball player averaged 13.6 rebounds a game in the early 1970s?

A: Tim Bassett

Rashad Wright's career average in assists is the best in the UGA men's hoops annals. How many did he have?

A: 4.1 per game.

Which Georgia hoopster scored a program-record 46 points in a game? When was it?

A: Ronnie Hogue in 1971 against LSU.

A Georgia basketball player recorded 259 steals not too long ago, breaking the previous best set by Pat Hamilton in the late 1980s. Who was it?

A: Sundiata Gaines




Which Georgia gymnast holds the distinction of being the first in NCAA history to win a national title in each event, including all-around, bars, beam, floor and vault?

A: Courtney Kupets



Which Georgia gymnast was a three-time national champion in the all-around in 2006, 2007 and 2009?

A: Courtney Kupets again. Not only was she a big deal at UGA, she also represented the US at the 2004 games in that other Athens. A DGD on a national and international level!




In which year did the Georgia women's tennis team win its first national championship with a 27-2 record?

A: 1994

How many SEC titles did the Georgia men's tennis team win in the 1970s? How many were consecutive?

A: Between 1970 and 1979, the Dawgs won eight SEC titles. Five of them were consecutive ('71-75).



Which Georgia women's tennis player won the 1984 NCAA singles title?

A: Lisa Spain



Track and Field

Combining indoor and outdoor, how many Georgia school records did Gwen Torrence set during her UGA career?

A: An impressive 12- six indoor, six outdoor.



Just Cuz

Which former Georgia athlete represented the United States in bobsled at the 1992 Albertville Olympics?

A: Herschel Walker, who likely honed his craft growing up in the frigid Wrightsville winters. Seriously, Herschel, what can't you do?! Heisman winner, MMA monster, Olympic athlete, restauranteur, DGD...



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