Georgia Football Trivia Madness!

2013 was a season in which most Dawg fans found themselves wondering what could have been. Well, now that that snake-bit campaign is thankfully in the books for good, I suggest we take a minute to look at what actually was. I tried a Georgia baseball trivia post last summer, enjoyed coming up with it and reading the responses, so I figured I'd try the same with the sport with which I assume most of the Dawg Sports community is most familiar.

Part of the fun of these is not using Google, so you're on the honor system here. Post your answers in the comments. I will update with an answer key later. Good luck, have fun and GO DAWGS!

1. Georgia blasted Alabama Presbyterian in 1913 in recording the Red and Black's largest margin of victory. What was the score?


Aron White probably would have had a hard time getting stuck in the hedges in 1929 via

2. How tall were the now-famous Chinese privet hedges when Sanford Stadium was dedicated in 1929?

3. In which year were lights erected on the field at Sanford Stadium?


Turns out Trippi was pretty darn good at another sport, too via

4. Charley Trippi is most known as a gridiron legend at Georgia, but he set a record in baseball, too. Any idea what it was?

5. Which former Georgia quarterback retired as the NFL's all-time passing leader in attempts, completions, yards and touchdowns?

6. In which season did Georgia record its first losing record at Sanford Stadium?

7. A former Georgia player posted a 33-8-1 record as coach of the Oakland Raiders from 1966-68. Who was it?

8. Which former Bulldog was Walter Payton's primary backup with the Chicago Bears from 1979-82?



9. Herschel Walker set an NCAA rushing yards record as a freshman. For how many yards did he run?

10. Which former Bulldog recorded a record 12 interceptions in 1982?

11. Eric Zeier was the first collegiate quarterback to throw for 400-plus yards in a game more than once. How many times did he do it?


Remember this?! via

12. We all know that former Georgia defensive lineman David Pollack was a three-time All-American. In which single season did Pollack win the Lombardi, Bednarik, Lott and Hendricks awards?

13. Matthew Stafford passed for a personal-high 407 yards in a 2008 game. Who was Georgia's opponent?

14. Georgia stunned Georgia Tech in Atlanta in 2009, marking one of the most memorable games in an otherwise forgettable season. How many times did the Dawgs punt in that game?

15. Former Georgia longsnapper Ty Frix entered his 2011 senior year with a 3.71 GPA. Care to guess what his major was?

Answer Key:


2. Only one foot tall

3. 1940

4. Trippi hit .464 in 1946

5. Fran Tarkenton

6. In 1951, the Bulldogs went 2-3 at home.

7. John Rauch

8. Willie McClendon


10. Terry Hoage

11. Seven

12. 2004

13. Georgia Tech

14. Zero

15. Biological Engineering (my best friend actually had a graduate-level class with Ty in the engineering department)

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