Positives/Negatives from UGA v USC 2013


Coaches- It's funny how all the people that call for the coaches heads after a loss forget to mention them after a win. Bobo had a great gameplan and Richt going back to back weeks with the trick plays. Grantham still has has some thing to figure out on the D, but you cant really blame him for all the youth.

Oline- Besides a few missed assignments and bad efforts here or there, they played very well in the pass and run. Very nice bounce back from last weeks debacle.

Backfield- On a bad wheel, Gurley came out and showed why he is the best back in America. It was nice to see Marshall find a few big holes to explode through, as most of his runs are into a wall of human. He needs more toss sweeps and swing routes to showcase his one-cut ability on the perimeter. Thank god we took away Douglas from Tech. He'd be their starter right now, and he's gonna be a very solid player for us in the future. Green's lone carry didnt look bad either. We should enjoy Hicks (and his face-mask) while we have him. Heck of a triple threat at full back.

JSW- That weight loss really turned his career around. Last year he looked awkward and clumsy, and now it looks like he'll lead us in yards this year. His greatest attribute may be his ability after the catch. Along with his track speed, he's just too physical to be brought down by one guy.

Murray- Made alot of people (cough.. Clowney.. cough) eat their words. Controlled the game like a 5th year senior should at home.

Herrera- The only player on the defense whom I'd say had a GOOD game. He may have played every snap, and he was gassed there in the second half, but he hung in there just like last week. Forced that pivotal fumble on Shaw and made that huge goal line stop. Plays with alot of heart. Easily my favorite player on this current team.


Safeties- JHC and Matthews each took some major lumps today. They're a very promising duo, but it may be a while til they realize that potential, as may be the case with the whole defense.

Langley- It was hard to watch at times. Got picked on profusely by Shaw, and with continued success. Luckily for us, he has an off weeks and a cupcake before his next big test.

Jenkins- Didnt provide much in the way of pass rush, run support, or containment. Seemed gassed out there as with alot of other players.

Dline- Got pushed around out there pretty well.

Overall, good showing for the team. Hopefully people have stopped jumping off bridges by now. The Clemson loss is officially canceled and UGA has control of it's own destiny heading into the first bye. Next up: LSU

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