A look at the UGA East Picture

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Georgia. South Carolina. It has become an early season slug fest and the 2013 version looks to be no different with the winner as a favorite to represent the SEC East against Alabama the SEC West Champion.

Let’s preview when Georgia has the ball.

Clowney South Carolina’s D Line:

· DE Chaz Sutton 6’5 263 SR

· DE Jadeveon Clowney 6’6 274 JR

· DT J.T. Surratt 6’2 307 JR

· DT Kelcy Quarles 6’4 298 JR

Georgia’s O Line:

· T Kenarious Gates 6’5 318 SR

· G Dallas Lee 6’4 300 SR

· C David Andrews 6’2 295 JR

· G Chris Burnette 6’2 322 SR

· T Kolton Houston 6’5 291 JR

The first item that stands out to me is the size of South Carolina’s D Line and then the seniority of both lines. Yes Theus is in the mix but he didn’t start so I omitted him. Steven Godfrey wrote a good piece titled Stopping Jadeveon Clowney. Not sure if this is possible but it’s a good piece. He is going to get his but timing is everything. 3rd down will be key. It needs to be more 3rd and short than 3rd and long to prevent Clowney from pinning his ears back.

Advantage South Carolina.

South Carolina’s LB’s

· LB Marcquis Roberts 6’1 225 SO

· LB Kaiwan Lewis 6’0 221 SO

· Spur Sharrod Golightly 5’10 195 JR

Georgia’s RB/TE’s:

· RB Todd Gurley 6’1 232 SO

· FB Quayvon Hicks 6’2 262 SO

· TE Arthur Lynch 6’5 258 SR

Size again plays a roll with this matchup and it favors Georgia in a big way. Here’s hoping Gurley is not limited by his thigh bruise and gets more than 12 carries.

Advantage Georgia.

South Carolina’s secondary:

· CB Victor Hampton 5’10 202 JR

· CB Jimmy Legree 6’0 187 SR

· S Brison Williams 5’11 218 JR

· S T.J. Gurley 5’10 195 SO

Georgia’s WR’s:

· WR Michael Bennett 6’3204 JR

· WR Chris Conley 6’3 205 JR

It hurts to be without MM but the Georgia WR’s are deep.

Advantage Even.

Game plan:

South Carolina’s D would like to limit Todd Gurley by stacking the box and getting Murray in obvious passing downs. If this happens often it could be a long night for Gates and Murray. Don’t sleep on the rest of South Carolina’s D line – double teaming Clowney will result in favorable matchups on the other end. I would expect the DB’s to play off the WR’s a few yards to prevent the big play Bobo is known to dial up. As for Clowney, he will move around to create havoc and favorable Gamecock matchups.

Georgia’s O Line has to step up and be the strength many thought it would be for the Dawgs. To start having less penalties and putting Murray at 1st 15 would be ideal. The home crowd will allow Murray to mix up the snap count which will help since they won’t have to rely on a silent count. The TE’s and RB’s will need to help chip and double team the pass rush but running the ball will be key for the Dawgs to win this game. If the O Line can open a hole then Gurley will be able to move the smaller LB’s. Bobo should use a FB and TE under the I – formation early in the game. Stick to the run and dink & dunk with screens, slants, and curls. Gurley needs 25 touches in this game with majority of his runs going in between the tackles. If the Gamecocks have to start committing 8 to stop the run then the PA will be open for Georgia’s tall receivers. The Dawgs need to use the hurry up offense to allow Murray to check in and out of plays – flex Lynch out in the slot and have a huge size mismatch with Golightly. Pun not intended.

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