A Dream Deferred: A Hughestonian Tribute

No more scout team for me. - Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Football is in the air, and 4 Saturdays from today, our beloved Bulldogs will take the field against the Clemson Tigers. On that day, a young man who has fought through a lot of adversity will likely finally get to realize his childhood dream of playing for the Red and Black. Renowned poet Langston Hughes knew much about adversity and persistence, and his poems about dreams are some of his most famous. Plenty has already been written about Kolton Houston's plight, so I'll not rehash what has gone before. So here's to you, Kolton: May you reach out and touch someone 4 Saturdays from today as you realize your dream deferred. With apologies to Langston Hughes:

Dream Deferred

What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it tighten
like the tension in the stands?
Or swell up
like a song from the band?
Does it melt like Uga's ice?
Or fester like betrayal
felt by denial thrice?
Maybe it just ebbs
like a ticking clock.
Or's it ready to rock?

Dawg Like Me

To brace my arms tight
‘gainst a big rival's rush.
To bask in fans' roar
‘til the post-gameday hush.
An Athens fall evening,
after victory.
Dawg like me-
This is my dream.

To brace my arms tight
‘gainst their best player's rush.
Roar (since I was four)!
‘til the satisfied hush.
Ring in Athens evening...
And at season's end...
After great victory...
Dawg like me.


That Emmert is a blind dufus
is a thing to which we Dawgs are wise.
Hard facts and evidence to him
are agents of surprise.


26 is 1/10 of 260,
and 16 is 10 fewer more.

Dropping 10 more to 6
and 2 more to 4

over 100 tests
in 150 degrees

should have shown those 0s
he's left nandrolone alone.

When Kolton Wears Red

When Kolton Houston wears red,
fans should cheer for this young man's persistence
and coaches' dawgedness.
Play them a blast of trumpets, Redcoats!

When Kolton Houston wears red,
fans should remember Emmert's persistence
in face of facts.
Bear witness, Bulldogs!

And the beauty of Kolton Houston in red
lights up defenses with a wicked sharp pain.
Sweet silver britches, Bulldogs!

Newly-discovered Langston Hughes book covers prove a closer link between Hughes and college football than had previously been imagined.





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