The Dawg Gone Podcast Show 67 is ready and 1 Beer 1 Song gets the Nobel Podcast Prize

Mark Richt is all like "OMG, I DON'T EVEN DRINK AND THIS IS REALLY AWESOME." - Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Not very many folks are lucky enough to have friends ready to keep the party going once someone crashes it by stealing all your podcasting equipment. However, I'm one of those folks.

So, when the great guys at 1 Beer 1 Song invited me to come over and create a joint podcast and rename it 1 Beer 1 Dawg, we basically killed two awesome birds with one Stone IPA. Ok, the beer puns will stop here, I promise.

Seriously, big props to Russ and Tony at 1 Beer 1 Song who were very kind to offer their podcasting real estate so that you, our loyal listeners, can still get your fix, in a much different but awesome way. Note, there's a little more language than in previous shows, but it's nothing that people can't handle. You just might not want to listen to it within earshot of four year olds that repeat everything.

For those wondering, Russ, Tony, and myself wax Dawg Poetic about Clemson, South Carolina, the Redcoat Band, and still have time to review two beers. Which beers? Terrapin Recreation Ale and "Thomas" Bearded Farmer Saison by Westbrook Brewing Company.

If I can have a human moment, I have to go out of my way to mention how incredibly gracious and heartwarming it was to have my friends, but also my peers, reach out to me so that The Dawg Gone Podcast wouldn't be delayed by the actions of a/some ridiculously bad person(s). It is such a testament to the kinds of people those gentlemen are, so please subscribe to their podcast and show them some love at their site. They deserve it.

Sorry, my eyes are watering from all the dust in this room, so let's get you some links:

To listen, SUBSCRIBE, review and rate the episode on iTunes, click here.

To listen, VIEW THE EPISODE GUIDE, and fall in hoppy love with 1 Beer 1 Song, click here.

To stream the episode in MP3 format, click here. To save it, use "right click, save as."

To listen on Stitcher Radio click here.

To email me about the podcast, click here.

To subscribe to the podcast with your RSS reader, copy this link.

As always, you can listen to the entire episode via the player at the bottom of this post.

Until next time kids.

One Beer, One Song, One Love. (and Go Dawgs!)

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