Dawg Days Trivia: Georgia Baseball



With the Dawg days of summer in full swing, we all eagerly anticipate the fall, when the athletic squads of the University of Georgia return to the fields, courts, pools, etc. of our beautiful campus. But what to do with all this time till then? Being a bit of a trivia nut myself and seeing as how our baseball program is back in the news with the hiring of what we hope will be a great new coach (h/t downindixie), I figured I'd throw out some random questions about UGA's oldest varsity sport.

I know there are Dawg Sports members out there who know a heck of a lot about our baseball program and actively follow the Diamond Dogs. Y'all might not have to Google any of these, but I ask that everyone at least try to answer some of them without resorting to your favorite search engine. Have fun!

Back in the Day



1. What future Baseball Hall of Famer served as Georgia's coach from 1895-99?

2. For which professional club did he play prior to landing in Athens?

3. Which professional club did he manage from 1907-20?

4. Who was the first Georgia baseball player to reach the majors?

5. The baseball team was the first UGA athletic squad to capture an SEC title. In which year did they do this?

6. What Diamond Dog alumnus played for six World Series championship teams from 1937-47?

7. Who coached the Diamond Dogs in 1950 and again from 1952-1975?

Glory Days



8. Who was the first Georgia player to be chosen in the first round of the MLB Draft? What year did this happen?

9. What Georgia outfielder was named 1985 National Freshman of the Year?

10. Name the two Georgia pitchers who were first-round selections in the 1987 MLB Draft.

11. What Georgia pitcher beat Stanford twice during the 1990 College World Series?

12. Who pitched the title-clinching game against Oklahoma State in 1990? (Hint: there are two).

13. The 1990 squad won the College World Series, but not without a little adversity. What was the team's record five games into the season? What was their record at the end of the season?

The Modern Era



14. Josh Hudson set the school hitting-streak record in 1999. In how many consecutive games did Hudson get a hit?

15. Who ranks second to Gordon Beckham on the Bulldogs' career home run list?

16. Who were the SEC's baseball Player of the Year and Pitcher of the Year in 2008?

17. Who won the team's Triple Crown in 2009? How many RBIs did he record that season?

18. How many Georgia baseball players were chosen in the 2011 MLB Draft?

UPDATE 6/15:

Here is the answer key:

1. Hugh Jennings

2. Baltimore Orioles

3. Detroit Tigers (he managed Royston's own Ty Cobb while in the Motor City)


Hugh Jennings as manager of the Tigers via

4. Claude Derrick


Claude Derrick with the Philadelphia Athletics, 1910-11 world champions via

5. 1933. Georgia was the first team to win the SEC title in baseball.

6. Spud Chandler


Spurgeon "Spud" Chandler played for some pretty good Yankee teams in his professional career via

7. Big Jim Whatley

8. Larry Littleton in 1976


Larry Littleton with the Cleveland Indians via

9. Ron Wenrich

10. Derek Lilliquist and Cris Carpenter


Derek Lilliquist as an Atlanta Brave via


Cris Carpenter delivering a pitch for the St. Louis Cardinals via

11. Mike Rebhan


Mike Rebhan celebrates with the 1990 national championship team via

12. Stan Payne and Dave Fleming


Injuries kept Dave Fleming from reaching his true potential in the majors, but he started off hot, winning 17 games (9 in a row) for the Seattle Mariners in his 1992 rookie season via

13. The team started out 2-3, but finished a remarkable 52-19.

14. 28

15. Josh Morris


Georgia fans root for former 1B Josh Morris from Kudzu Hill via

16. Gordon Beckham and Josh Fields


Gordon Beckham now plays for the Chicago White Sox via


Josh Fields is now a relief pitcher for the Houston Astros via

17. Rich Poythress recorded 86 RBIs in 2009.


Rich Poythress about to do his thing against Georgia Tech at Turner Field in Atlanta via

18. An astounding seven Diamond Dogs were taken in the 2011 MLB Draft.

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