NCAA Football 14 Headquarters EDIT: Full UGA Rosters!

It's that time of year again, for you collegiate gamers out there! NCAA Football 14 is released July 9th, with the demo being released June 19th. All of the new features have been laid out well ahead of time. For all news and updates, go to I will summarize the new features coming up, but first, a complementary video of Georgia Bulldog gameplay against the Miami Hurricanes, debuting the new Brand Identity Uniforms! This video was taken at E3, an annual video game convention in Los Angeles, California:

As you can see, UGA's ratings are in the same general area as last year, with their Overall at 92, an Offense of 95, and a Defense of 88. UGA is also ranked 5th out of 25 schools. In the next video, you can see all uniform options for all 124 schools in the game. Unfortunately, the only options for UGA in the game are the normal Home, Away, and the 2011 Nike Pro Combat uniforms used against Boise State in the 2011 Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Game. But also of note are the new Nike Vapor Fly gloves issued for every team (or Adidas/Russell/Under Armour) that are awesome.

Now, onto the new features!


Stumble Recovery: One of the more common occurrences in football is running backs stumbling as they run through traffic. In previous editions, running backs could run into defenders and immediately turn around with no problem. In an attempt to make the game more realistic, you can now use the right analog stick to try to recover from stumbles that will occur as the running back bumps into defenders.

Force Impact Trucking and Hitting: The new Force Impact System allows running backs to try to run over defenders in an attempt to fight for every inch. These moves are affected by the back's (and the defender's) size, height, and attributes. Improved stiff arms that are new to this year's game can be used to help get away from defenders, which are also impacted by size and attributes.

Running Game Improvements: The use of real-time physics has become much more prevalent over the years, and it takes the next step yet again. The new Acceleration Burst can be used as an extra burst of energy to get through spaces, opposed to the traditional "sprint" button. This feature should be definitely helpful to UGA fans, as Keith Marshall has a Speed rating of 95 and the highest Acceleration rating possible, at 99. Other prevalent features that are new are hard, 90 degree cutting while running and improved run blocking.

Option Offense: The art of the option play style has been completely revamped to provide a very fun experience every single time. Read options, triple options, and the new Shovel options (new to this year's game) bring a load of fun to the teams who utilize it. In each play, key defenders are highlighted, and you as the quarterback must read what they do as soon as the ball is snapped to make the decision of who to hand it to to get the most yardage as possible. As a very witness, I've played the demo using Oregon, Michigan, and Texas A&M, and all option plays are very fun.

Nike Skills Trainer: This mode is an improved "Practice" mode which allows you to learn the new controls through tutorials, and then test your skills against a live defense in drills.


New Pre-Game: The imaginative pre game has been shortened from 2 minutes to a 30 second music video with vignettes, music tunes, and each school's tradition (#DawgNation).

Half-Time Show: Our own David Pollack and Rece Davis provide a summary of the first half, along with updates to other games of interest to your attention.

Neutral Site Games: Three college football kickoff games have been incorporated, including the Chick-Fil-A, Texas, and Cowboy Kickoffs.

New Music and Chants: While keeping the traditional battle cries, two very common songs that are played across the country are in the game this year: Seven Nation Army and Zombie Nation.

Main Menu Do-Over: While the main menus of the past few years were very witty and well animated, it took a decent amount of time to navigate to whatever you wanted to do. The new menu has been redone to allow all possible modes on one screen.

Uniforms & Equipment: Every single team in the game has been give up-to-date uniform options and Nike VaporFly gloves (or whichever brand the school uses), along with the proper game ball (ex. Nike for UGA).

New Camera Angles: Three new camera angles have been introduced for a more personalized style of play. The Wide camera shows full view of all players on the field at a decently close look. The Zoom camera stays close to the football and is good for QB control. The Coordinator Cam is just that--a view from the coach's box that will zoom in on the action once it begins.

NCAA Ultimate Football Team

The addictive fan-favorite mode allows users to create a team from virtually opening trading card packs of former college greats. First, pick a base team to determine playbooks and uniforms. When you have a full roster, you can play head-to-head or against the CPU. Also of note are Collections, which can give you large and significant payouts.


Play a Season

The demo for the game was released June 19th. You have 3 important 2013 season games to play, each with 3-minute quarters. You can choose from Virginia Tech-Alabama in the Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Game, Oregon-Texas A&M, or Ohio State-Michigan. The demo has some very good rewards for playing it. Sharing it with a friend, playing an exhibition game, or getting Gold in the Nike Skills Trainer can net you one pack in Ultimate Team.

Top 10 Rated UGA Players (Fictionally, Of Course)

1. Aaron Murray QB: 95

2. Todd Gurley HB: 92 (who has a Speed of 92, Acceleration of 96, and Break Tackle of 88)

3. Keith Marshall HB: 89 (who has an Acceleration rating of 99 and Speed of 95)

4. Chase Vasser LOLB: 88

5. Kenarious Gates LG: 87

6. David Andrews C: 87

7. Garrison Smith LE: 87

8. Hutson Mason QB: 86

9. Ray Drew RE: 86

10. Arthur Lynch TE: 86

Every team in the game has 3 impact players--3 players that are highly rated and are considered captains and keys to the success of each part of the game. The 3 impact players for UGA are Aaron Murray, Todd Gurley, and Garrison Smith.

Pre-Order Deals

Gamestop: Preorder from Gamestop and receive an exclusive NCAA Football Ultimate Team Pack including key players from the SEC.

Target: Preorder from Target receive an exclusive NCAA Football Ultimate Team Pack including key players from the ACC.

Best Buy: Preorder from Best Buy and receive an exclusive NCAA Football Ultimate Team Pack including key players from the Big Ten.

Walmart: Preorder from Walmart and receive an exclusive NCAA Football Ultimate Team Pack including key players from the Big 12.

Amazon: Preorder from Amazon and receive an exclusive NCAA Football Ultimate Team Pack including key players from the Pac-12.

EDIT: Full UGA Rosters!

I have found the full, entire roster for the University of Georgia in the game. Here it is, with overall ratings:

Quarterbacks: #11: 96, #14: 86, #16: 85 (That's right, Christian Lemay is an 85 overall), #12: 77, #2: 83

Half-Backs: #3: 92, #4: 89, #22: 72, #20: 81

Full-Backs: #43: 79, #48: 75

Wide Receivers: #27: 75, #86: 79, #18: 80, #17: 82, #82: 80, #31: 84, #26: 85, #1: 75

Tight Ends: #80: 75, #88: 86, #87: 81

Left Tackle: #76: 79, #75: 68, #79: 79

Left Guard: #72: 87, #64: 82

Center: #61: 87, #66: 80

Right Guard: #78: 75, #68: 82, #67: 76

Right Tackle: #74: 81, #71: 84

Left End: #97: 77, #58: 76, #56: 87

Right End: #96: 76, #36: 68, #47: 86

Defensive Tackle: #93: 72, #95: 62, #99: 70, #94: 82

Left Outside Linebacker: #33: 88, #34: 71, #51: 77, #91: 76

Middle Outside Linebacker: #40: 68, #50: 72, #52: 84, #55: 74

Right Outside Linebacker: #59: 83, #57: 77, #44: 77

Cornerback: #9: 73, #2: 80, #7: 74, #21: 74, #37: 73, #5: 83, #27: 73

Free Safety: #39: 79, #24: 71

Short Safety: #25: 80, #28: 74

Kicker: #13: 84

Punter: #32: 85

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