Four quotes from Georgia 2012-13 Football Season I'll remember for the rest of my life

"[Georgia plays] old man football" -Missouri Player Sheldon Richardson

Little do fans remember that the referenced Buffalo game was boring to many people. We will, however, remember the dry erase board that said: "Welcome to the SEC." We will remember the popular rejoinder after the Missouri-Georgia game: "Grown man football."

In all fairness to Richardson, his quote was off the cuff, not a premeditated battle cry as evidenced by the longer version in which he actually mentions a conference besides the SEC. Full quote: "I watched the game. I turned it off, too, It's like watching Big Ten football. It's old-man football."

"[Georgia is] playing too soft as a defense" - UGA player Shawn Williams

What was actually so subversive about this statement was that he called out players by name saying he thought the coaching staff was playing the wrong people. The retroactive opinion was that Williams created a motivational tactic, read trick.

However, he goes on to say he feels like slapping his team mates in addition to straight out telling certain people they shouldn't be starting. Full Quote: "Georgia is "playing too soft as a defense. That goes for the D-line, linebackers, corners, safeties, everybody. We're just not playing with the same attitude we were last year. . . . I'm trying to see if I have to take somebody's helmet off and slap them and say, ‘what's going on'? We're not playing with any emotion right now. Period."

"Little men can't block big men; they have to chop block." -UGA Defensive Coordinator Todd Grantham

This quote was not as big a headline as other quotes, but for Georgia fans it has a special significance. It points backward to the rebirth of the UGA defense as a Saban like squad of big men. In fact, Grantham who is a Saban disciple, is simply twisting the Saban axiom "Small men can't block big men."

Now, add to this equation the context of the Bulldogs playing Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech as in state rivals who both run the triple option. This quote is a pointed jab because chop blocking is widely held in poor regard. Chop blocks, while legal, are unusual and are thought to cause injury more often than "normal tackling". The implication is that while UGA is bigger and better, they are also a rooting interest because they don't have to play in this cheap way.

"...We pretty much did anything we wanted against them." -Nebraska player, Taylor Martinez

Here the once mighty Nebraska is diminished in their own words to a sort of moral victory. Remember, Georgia beat Nebraska in their Capital One Bowl 45-31. The fourteen point difference was significant enough to make college football fans rhetorically wonder, "Didn't you want to win?" Similar to the phrase, "We moved the ball at will." This quote helped laminate a successful season for the dogs in the minds of both the fans and pollsters, while giving Heisman-hopeful Martinez many headlines .

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