It's Getting Drafty: Dawg Sports Picks The 2013 NFL Draft.

Sam Greenwood

The 2013 NFL Draft is fast approaching. Today we're taking a look at where several former Bulldog football players may wind up.

The 2013 NFL Draft will kick off Thursday night, and the Bulldogs have at least half a dozen players likely to hear their names called over the course of the next three days. One day I am going to correctly project what happens after the first three to five picks of the NFL Draft. Today is not likely to be that day, but it won't stop me from trying.

A consensus appears to have formed that the Kansas City Chiefs will select Texas A&M offensive tackle Luke Joeckel with the first selection. But past there things get dicey. And while I'm sure the folks at Addicted To Quack, SB Nation's Oregon Duck blog, probably care whether linebacker/end Dion Jones goes at #2 or #8, I really don't. I'm more concerned with when the spate of former Bulldogs will come off the board. After consulting every NFL GM I know (zero) my pet Siberian Huskies (both of them) and some guy in line behind me at ACE Hardware, I have come up with the following projection. Bet on these picks at your own peril, but feel free to include your own projections in the comments.

Jarvis Jones, New Orleans Saints (Pick #15). Health concerns have continued to surround the Sacman despite his record for durability during his time in Athens. He also didn't test terribly well in pre-Draft workouts. However the Saints have a bit of a reputation for paying more attention to onfield performance, drafting football players instead of workout warriors. Jarvis fits that bill, having consistently been the most disruptive defender on the field in the toughest conference in America.

Alec Ogletree, Cincinnati Bengals (Pick #21). Ogletree helped himself with impressive combine numbers, but hasn't helped himself with some poor off field decision making. Hw could go at #19 to the Giants, but I'm afraid they'll be scared off by his extra-curricular activities. The Cincinnati Bengals have a long history of drafting players from Georgia, and I think 'Tree will just be too much to resist if he falls into the twenties.

Cornelius Washington, Kansas City Chiefs (Pick #63). The Chiefs went to Athens to pick up an end/outside linebacker a couple of years ago in Justin Houston, and it looks like they could use another. Washington just never looked comfortable as a 3-4 end, but his freakish athletic gifts just can't be ignored. He'll fall to the third round while teams figure out exactly what to do with him.

Bacarri Rambo, Dallas Cowboys, (Pick #80). Another Bulldog with first round talent dogged by off field questions. But at this point it will be difficult for Dallas to pass up a guy like Rambo if he's still around.

John Jenkins, Seattle Seahawks (Pick #87). Conditioning issues and questions about motivational level will drop Big John to the latter half of the third. Which means that some team may be getting a real steal.

Again, your picks (which are far more likely to be correct than mine) are welcome in the comments. We'll see you back on Thursday evening as we wait for deserving Bulldogs to go flying off the shelf. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!

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