UGA NFL Combine Wrap-Up

Cornelius Washington performing drills at the Combine. - USA TODAY Sports

The long weekend is over for the 11 former UGA football invitees in Indianapolis. After 4 days of running, pressing, jumping and being grilled by the NFL Owners, most can look forward to a little rest or a more grueling pro-day. Speaking of pro-days, most of us were aware that Jarvis Jones would not be participating in the combine and putting all his efforts to his pro-day.

For those unfamiliar with the combine activities; it is broken down into 4 days and positional groups work on on specified days. This year, the TE, OL and ST groups worked out on Saturday; QB, RB and WO groups had Sunday; DL and LB performed Monday; and S and DB closed out the combine on Tuesday. Each Positional Group is subject to being measured in the 40 Yard Dash, Bench Press, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, 3 Cone Drill, 20 Yard Shuttle and the 60 Yard Shuttle. Most of the media focus we hear on television or radio will focus on the interviews and the awkward questions some had to face, so here I will just give you the athletic results and let the rumor mongers of the media have the fun with the interview gossip.

As I mentioned earlier there were 11 former UGA players invited and from the results posted online 9 of the 11 took part in the combine. For some reason, even though Marlon Brown was present in Indianapolis none of his physical results were posted on the NFL's combine tracker. Below are the results as listed by the NFL

Sanders Commings: 4.41 sec 40yd, 34.5" Vertical Jump, 117" Broad Jump, 7.1 sec 3 Cone Drill and 4.3 sec 20yd Shuttle.

Kwame Geathers: 5.44 sec40 yd, 26.5" Vertical Jump, 96: Broad Jump, 8.11 sec 3 Cone Drill and 5.27 sec 20 yd Shuttle.

John Jenkins: 30 reps on Bench (a NFL Combine TOP PERFORMER).

Abry Jones: 30 reps on Bench (strangely not listed as a Top Performer), 26.5" Vertical Jump, 101" Broad Jump.

Tavarres King: 4.47 sec 40yd, 11 reps on Bench, 36.5" Vertical, 123" Broad, 6.91 sec 3 Cone and 4.33 sec 20yd Shuttle.

Alec Ogletree: 4.7 sec 40yd, 20r reps on Bench, 33.5" Vertical, 122" Broad, 7.16 sec 3 Cone and 4.39 sec 20yd Shuttle.

Bacarri Rambo: 17 reps on Bench.

Cornelius Washington: 4.55 sec 40yd, 36 reps on Bench, 39" Vertical, 128" Broad (all 4 Combine TOP PERFORMERS).

Shawn Williams: 4.46 40yd, 25 reps on Bench (Both Combine TOP PERFORMERS), 36" Vertical, 120" Broad, 7.01 sec 3 Cone, and 4.25 20yd Shuttle.

From what I gather from the NFL page a TOP PERFORMER was one of the top 15 in his respective position group. How all this figures in on draft day, I really don't know; but I do know that with 7 recognized TOP PERFORMER rankings UGA was well represented in Indianapolis.

BEST OF LUCK to the next class of UGA NFL Superstars and GO DAWGS

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