The Return of the Weekly Weblogger Challenge

In a sense, the Weekly Weblogger Challenge originated here.

As Dawg Sports prepares for the changing of the guard at the end of this week, some of the site's oldest recurring features are making encore appearances. Today, we revisit one of the earliest traditions of SB Nation's Georgia Bulldogs community.

As you are aware by now, this is my last week as a site manager here at Dawg Sports, so I am reviving for the final time a few formerly standard features from days gone by, including Kyle Gets Contrary on Monday and Slow News Day Tuesday on Tuesday (duh!). We now turn to an oldie but a goodie, the Weekly Weblogger Challenge, which initially appeared at Dawg Sports in February 2006 after debuting at my old weblog, Kyle on Football, two weeks earlier.

Because 2006 was the Pleistocene Epoch in blog years, a word of explanation is in order. First, though, here’s a tweet related to Georgia Bulldogs bass fishing:

Now, to the matter at hand. As a student at the University of Georgia, I was an active member of the Phi Kappa Literary Society, which meets in Phi Kappa Hall on North Campus every Thursday night for creative writings, debate, and oratory. Occasionally, a fellow Phi Kappan, Pete Allen, and I would add to the adventure of speaking extemporaneously by giving one another lists of five more or less random nouns, which each of us was to work into his speech on a given topic.

The rule was that you couldn’t just stand up and list the five nouns; you had to integrate them into your speech in a coherent way. I introduced this concept into the college sports blogosphere in 2006, when what is now an exploding industry was a ragtag collection of closely-knit hobbyists, and it got a nice response for the brief time that it lasted.

My challenge to my fellow sports bloggers, both here and elsewhere, and to those loyal readers who wish to participate, is to author and publish a weblog posting, fanpost, or fanshot incorporating the following five concepts in a cohesive manner, either here at Dawg Sports or at another site, and post the link to it in the comments below. You have 36 hours within which to do so; the competition will close at 9:00 p.m. Athens Standard Time Thursday night, roughly at the same time tomorrow night’s basketball game ends, and I will announce the winner in my final Instantaneous Ill-Informed Roundball Wrapup. The winner will receive the eternal gratitude of a retiring sports blogger, for whatever that happens to be worth.

Here, for the final time, I bring you . . .

The Weekly Weblogger Challenge

  • George Washington
  • The Battle of Toulon in the War of the Austrian Succession
  • Charlotte York MacDougal Goldenblatt
  • Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
  • Joseph Henry Lumpkin

My thanks go out in advance to all who participate.

Go ‘Dawgs!

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