Friday Morning Dawg Bites is Sick of Basketball Season, Dreading Baseball Season, and Longingly Gazing at Football Season

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Is it September yet?

It's a bit of a slow news week with the trickle of recruiting news dying down somewhat as the remaining holdouts look to keep their decision as elusive as possible before slipping on an ill-fitting hat on National Signing Day. But that doesn't mean there aren't some tasty morsels on this beautiful Friday morning. So kick back, enjoy a slow jam (for no particular reason), and pontificate on the following college sports stories...

Overheard as several Auburn football coaches serenaded a recruit this week...

So... how should I put this? We're bad at basketball. Some might be convinced that things are taking a turn for the better after this recent "winning" streak, but the Auburn game was awfully rough even for a W. And frankly, it says something about the perception of your program when you barely beat a team coming off a four game losing streak and Auburn reporters characterize the performance as "a massive step back"... for the Tigers.

In an effort to move on from the predictable disappointment of another Georgia basketball season, I looked toward the baseball diamond. What I saw was this. I usually don't put much stock in pre-season polls, but given the last few years I can't say I really disagree.

That brings us back to football and the interminable wait for September. In that creepiest of college football traditions, men across the country will take next Wednesday off to enjoy the payoff of what often amounts to years of stalking teenagers on Twitter and Facebook (Editorial Note: Please ignore RedCrake's unnecessary and ignorant dig at college football recruitniks. We happen to know for a fact that he has called in sick to work for the last three years to take in NSD and is simply trying to compensate for his own inadequacies. Please return on Wednesday as Dawg Sports brings you comprehensive Signing Day coverage.). ESPNU is proud to be the official sponsor of this creepy tradition and they've been good enough to announce their schedule of televised NSD press conferences. Georgia fans will likely be most interested in the future home of Montravius Adams, Laremy Tunsil (He's So Hot Right Now!), and Alvin Kamara.

Moving away from the Dawgs, Michael Bird of SBNation has an interesting look at how improved recruiting at Michigan and Ohio State could shape the Big Ten in the near future. It will certainly be an intriguing development to keep an eye on as we wait to find out who will lose to the SEC in the soon-to-be-real college football playoff.

And finally, Lane Kiffin says "You pay for your mistakes"... unless, of course, you're Lane Kiffin. Then you just bail. Or ask your Daddy to take the fall. Or start hiding behind scholarship limits. Take your pick really.

That's all for now. Enjoy your weekend, folks. And GOOOO DAWGS!!!

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