2013 Bowl Pairings Announced: It's Dawgs and Huskers, Act II

Scott Cunningham

In a season full of disappointments, why should the announcement of our bowl pairing be any different? When all earlier indications pointed towards a Michigan - Georgia meeting, things got a little bit sideways late in the day. It's now official: Georgia will meet Nebraska (again) in the Tax Slayer Gator Bowl.

Underwhelmed?  I am.  This is not intended by any means as a slight towards The University of Nebraska, or their fan base.  However, variety is the spice of life...and it just seems a tad bit unfair that we have to play these guys for the second consecutive year in a Florida bowl.  Such has been the fortunes of 2013, where fairness checked out back in July.  I'd venture a guess that Nebraska would probably rather meet someone else, as well.  That's understandable.

The conventional wisdom of the last few days pitted Georgia against Michigan in the Gator Bowl, which was certainly a popular possibility.  Earlier today, everyone from Phil Steele to the Big Ten Network had this exact scenario playing out.  Some rumblings began earlier today about a possible Chik-Fil-A match-up with Duke or Miami.  In the end, the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, to be played in Tempe, Arizona on December 28th, had the advantage of selecting a Big 10 school before the Gator Bowl and chose Michigan to meet Kansas State, despite the fact that the Wolverines had fewer wins (7) than Nebraska (8).  I'm not eating at their restaurants anymore.  Chili's, anyone?

In the end, Georgia's bowl destination held no surprises...only their opponent. Nebraska finished the season at 8-4 (5-3), with losses to UCLA, Minnesota, Michigan State and Iowa.

Here are the destinations for all SEC teams:

  • BCS National Championship Game: Auburn vs. FSU
  • Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Oklahoma
  • Capital One Bowl: South Carolina vs. Wisconsin
  • Outback Bowl: LSU vs. Iowa
  • Cotton Bowl: Missouri vs. Oklahoma State
  • Chick-fil-A Bowl: Texas A&M vs. Duke
  • Gator Bowl: Georgia vs. Nebraska
  • Music City Bowl: Ole Miss vs. Georgia Tech
  • Liberty Bowl: Mississippi State vs. Rice
  • Compass Bowl: Vanderbilt vs. Houston

How do you feel about it?  Are you planning on going?  Let us know in the comments.

Go Dawgs!

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