First UGA/Tech game...

First let me say thank you to all who gave advice on what to expect while at Grant Field. All the advice was put to good use and was on the mark!

My friend who is a Tech fan (go figure-I've tried to convert him) goT tickets from a Tech season holder who wasn't going to be able to make the game and we sat on the 50 yard line on the 3rd row. The view was amazing, expect for being surrounded by Tech fans. Most of them seemed all to happy during the first quarter and most of the second. A few observations/questions:

1. Tech's game day in stadium experience was a bit confusing. The GT band would start playing, and no more than 10 -15 sec into them plying the stadium music would start to pump up the crowd. This was the standard instead of the accidental occurrence.

2. This wasn't the first time I've heard/seen the Red Coat Band- but WOW-by comparison it was no comparison.

3. Thankfully I was surrounded by mostly good spirited Tech fans who were naturally excited for the first half, and were obviously heartbroken by the end of the game but willing to shake hands and call it a day.

4. The first quarter, our team looked shell shocked and confused. Mainly the offense- I'm guessing due to being on the road, Mason's first real game and trying to find the groove. They had me worried though-have to be honest.

5. Props to our O line, Mason had LOTS of time. I haven't had time to watch the TV broadcast of it but the O line was strong for most of the game. Tech fans were frustrated/impressed by the amount of time he had to make plays.

6. As half-time approached and the Dawgs put together a nice drive it was funny to watch Tech fans and hear the comments of , "This is what we do-play maybe a half of good football and blow it." Even the could sense the collapse coming.

7. Very impressed with Conley, Mason, and Morgan (who basically was the offense for what seemed like most of the game.

8. Someone made the comment in my last post about how poorly designed the stadium is- you were 100% correct on this one. Going to the men's bathroom was annoying given the walking grade level. Also, the only place to see scores from around the nation was in one place (conveniently behind us).

9. The biggest two pops from the crowd during the video entrance was the 1990 NC and the 2008 UGA/Tech game.It was sad on many levels....

10. One the last play of the game when the ball was batted around I had PTSD flashbacks to the Auburn game and how snake bitten this season has been and hoping a Tech player wouldn't catch the ball. You could not only see the heartbreak but hear it as well as the signs of "Worth the Wait" and "THWG" began to litter the stadium floor.

11. The game ended as the Bama/Auburn game had just ended and virtually everyone was surprised Bama lost and was happy about it. I'm not a fan of Saban by anymeans, nor do i have any love lost for Auburn. Who has apparently made some type of backroom deal with the man downstairs to get so much luck in one year.

It was a great game to see and a better outcome. GO DAWGS!

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