Uniforms: An Informal Survey

With today being senior day- and there being the possibility that our Dawgs will be wearing black jerseys- I thought it might be fun to see what Dawgsportsland thinks of some of the alternate uniforms that UGA has worn over the years. No, this isn't important in the grand scheme of things; but seeing as how most of this season has been a kick in our collective gut, maybe a little levity wouldn't hurt!

While we having exactly earned the title, "The Oregon of the South," there have been a few different looks.

Below is my list from worst to first. I'd be really interested in seeing what you guys think.

NIKE PRO-COMBAT: These are the monstrosities UGA wore in the big crash against Boise. I like superheroes. I love football. I don't care for their mutant offspring.

ALL BLACK: This uniform has been widely panned by Bulldog Nation. I wasn't crazy about it, myself. However, if the Stinkin' Gators hadn't administered such a butt-kicking on the day we wore them, I have a feeling they would have looked a lot better.

BLACK BRITCHES: Haven't seen these since Donnan's days in Athens. No great loss.

RED BRITCHES:I really like these. Hershel wore them to plow through Tennessee and on the subsequent journey to the National Championship. I wouldn't mind seeing UGA wear these in alternating road games.

BLACK JERSEY:CMR took a lot of heat for putting his team in these before the beatdown by Bama in '08. While I agree with the sentiment that it was a needless attempt at extra "juice," there is, in my opinion, only one better looking uniform in all college football...

TRADITIONAL:There is no more beautiful sight than seeing our Dawgs take the field in red helmets, red or white jerseys, and silver britches!

Well, that's my opinion. I would love to hear yours.

Let's steamroll Kentucky tonight. GO DAWGS!!

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