Bobo Love Bonus: Dawg Love between Two Dawgs

The song that originally came to mind when I thought of "Bobo Love" was the song "Guy Love" that was part of the "Scrubs" musical episode. I don't know much about the show, but I know that these two male characters shared an epic bromance that is celebrated here in song. The thought of Murray not getting any more Bobo love until the end of the season made me sad, so hopefully this will inspire some Dawg love between two Dawgs. This link also has the virtue of already having the necessary videos embedded so I don't have to waste time trying to get the editor to actually paste a video in. The spacing formatting never shows up right, either, even when I add in HTML myself. Oh, well. So here's to the epic bromance between our favorite quarterback and our favorite beloved, never mind. They love each other--but in a totally Dawgly way:

AM: Let's face the facts about me and you, a love unspecified.

Though I'm proud to call you "My Big Dawg,"

the fans will always laugh and blog.

CMB: I feel exactly those feelings, too,

and that's why I keep them inside.

‘Cause those blogs can dog us for our love,

and sometimes it's easier to hide.

AM & CMB: Than explain our Dawg love, that's all it is.

Dawg love; he's mine, I'm his.

There's nothing gay about it in our eyes.

CMB: You ask me ‘bout this thing we share...

AM: ...and he tells all those Dawg blogs--

CMB: It's Dawg love...

AM & CMB: ...between two Dawgs.

CMB: We're closer than the average man and wife.

AM: That's why our matching bracelets say "Bobo and Murray."

CMB: You know I'll stick by you for the rest of my life.

AM: You're the only man who's ever held my balls for me!

CMB: (Spoken to fans) Whoa, whoa! I just do his throwing drills.

AM: There's no need to clarify...

CMB: Oh, no?

AM: Just let us throw more and more each day.

It's like I married my best friend...

CMB: ...but in a totally Dawgly way!

AM & CMB: Let's go!

It's Dawg love, don't compromise

the feeling of your favorite coach

loving you so well beyond reproach.

AM: I'll be there to care through wins and losses.

CMB: I'll be there to share the highs.

AM & CMB: It's Dawg love between two guys.

AM: And when I say, "I love you, Dawg,"

it's not what it implies.

AM & CMB: It's Dawg love




AM: (Spoken) Forget the letter, Coach.

[AM & CMB hug]

[EDIT] I wanted to add a reminder for people to go vote for Murray for the Davey O'Brien award here. I know that fan voting only counts for 5% of the deciding total, but this is something easy that we fans can do to show our appreciation for our QB.



Earn those peachy voting stickers, Dawgs!

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