Bobo Love: A Request from Our Biggest Celebrity

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

I had originally planned to go in a different, more serious direction for an Aaron Murray tribute, but then Dawg Haus not only wrote something I could never top, but also requested that I write something about all the Bobo love Murray's going to be missing as a result of his post. T. Kyle and CaptainJackSparrow responded with, "Bobo love, my Bobo love. I need you, oh, how I need you," and "you let games slip away, and we don't know what to say. Except Fire Errbody," respectively, and the rest is history. Besides, Aaron Murray is supreme in our hearts, so what better choice is there than a song by the Supremes? Another song actually came to mind at first; if that one comes together for tomorrow, you'll get to enjoy a double-shot of Bobo love. With apologies to the Supremes (or Diana Ross; whatever):

The editor is screwed up again, so all I can do is post links to the videos for some reason.

This is the original song.

This is the karaoke version.

Oh Bobo love, my Bobo love,

I need you, oh how I need you.

Dawg Haus's letter made you mad;

now you won't hug me-how sad.

Please don't wait ‘til season's end

to hug me, Bobo, my best friend.

‘Cause Bobo love, my Bobo love,

been buggin' me; miss huggin' ya.

Instead of breakin' up,

let's do some huggin' and makin' up.

Don't throw our love away

like a broke first-and-bomb play.

Need ya, need ya,

Bobo love, oh, Bobo love.

Bobo love, my Bobo love,

please don't put me in green, my love.

No non-contact jersey

could separate us, don't you see?

Coach Mike Bobo, please hug me.

I get this need,

Oh, oh, need to hug you,

once again, Bobo.

Feel your warm embrace, Bobo.

Please don't hand our true love off

on cough third-and-long cough.

Don't run our love into stacked box.

Don't wait until we've run out of clock.

Bobo love, my Bobo love.

I need you, oh how I need you.

Please don't fumble our true love.

Hold me like Pro-Combat gloves.

Don't flag me like a reffing crew.

Bobo, Bobo, oh this is hurtin' me,

one more injury.

Oh, Bobo love.

Don't throw our love away.

Don't throw our love away.



You won't stop loving me, will you, Coach?

[EDIT] I wanted to add a reminder for people to go vote for Murray for the Davey O'Brien award here. I know that fan voting only counts for 5% of the deciding total, but this is something easy that we fans can do to show our appreciation for our QB.



Earn those peachy voting stickers, Dawgs!

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