Roundtable predictions: Georgia at Auburn

Kevin C. Cox

The Dawgsports staff gives you their thoughts on what the final outcome of Saturday's showdown on the Plains between a top 10 Auburn and top 25 Georgia. Tell us what we get right, what we get wrong, and what you expect to happen in the comments.

Vineyard Auburn 34, Georgia 24 - Our defense is improving,but I just don't see us stopping Auburn's offensive all day long. And even if Conley returns, he won't be 100%. And Artie Lynch is injured. I'm only predicting we'll get 24 points because this is Todd Gurley's 2nd full game back.

Dave I can't decide. I believe we can win this, I really do. But we are going to allow a special teams score and get a bad call or three. It's predestination. Auburn 38, Georgia 31.

Sanchez We play hard, lead all game long, and Nick Marshall will come up with some amazing run in the last minutes to steal a victory for the bad guys. Auburn 44, Georgia 41.

RedCrake Auburn wins. Following the game, Conley, Gurley, Lynch, and Bennett get kicked off the team for not having their shirts tucked in or something. All 4 are granted a waiver by the NCAA and play for Auburn in the Iron Bowl. I smother myself with a pillow.

podunk Depends entirely on the refs. Auburn hardly passes, leaving our Defense with the job of tackling the ball carrier. If anyone gets ejected for targeting we lose by eleventy billion. If no one gets called for targeting, we win by 10. Even if targeting is called, it is only called against Georgia. Auburn players do not get called for targeting.

Macon Georgia 37, Auburn 34, in overtime. Don't ask me why. Don't ask me how. Just know that for some perverse reason that in this series being favored at home is the last thing you want.

Spears 38-21. I have no idea which team will accumulate which point total, though.

Ludakit I'm gonna go 42-21 bad guys. I think Auburn is much improved on defense and UGA can't stop anything spread out. Until that changes, we'll get beat badly.

Editor's note: Due to outside issues, please consider this your Thursday evening open thread for GT/Clemson, and anything else.

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