The Hanging Gator, Day 5: Poe Edition


This poem turned out a little differently than I expected it to, but that's not really uncommon for me. True, there's some Gator hate in it, but it turned into more of a tribute to the Dawgs. This does not bother me, in large part because loving the Dawgs is more important to me than hating the Gators. Granted, Gator hate is natural and good, but love...well, love is supposed to be more powerful than hate, and we'll need all the power we can get tomorrow. So here is today's poem, which is based off of Edgar Allen Poe's "Lenore." Today's gif is my grand finale: a hanging gator placed in my favorite gif. With apologies to Poe:

All broken is the Bulldog team! The season flown forever!

Chapel bell's toll is swallowed whole by rushing, teary river.

And Coach Mark Richt, are our Dawgs licked?--weep now or never more.

Next ballgame near of this dismal year would hope for Dawgs restore.

Come! Let the Hate Week posts be read, the Bulldog song be sung!

An anthem for those Bulldog-bred that ever played so young.

A song for Damn Good Dawgs well-bred because they played so young.

Gators! We hate you for star wealth and we hate you for your pride.

And though you are in feeble health, our hate is deep and wide.

How shall the poem, then, be read? The Dawg anthem how be sung?

By you who wear that evil urnge-your coach with fiery tongue?

Whose players and fans are an ugly scourge--even when young?

Dear Munson's voice, which did rejoice o'er painted Saturday song,

would be a greater, better choice--though it would travel long.

Though sweet Munson has traveled on, his pessimism lives

inside Dawg fans, whose best laid plans so oft end up as sieves.

For we, the true--though all falls through--still cheer our beat-up guys.

(Though none of us would look askew at Herschel in player's guise.

A year's still there, and we could bear that kind of Dawg surprise.)

At last! The game--by its true name--approaches us at last.

Soon, we will--with hearts aflame--see present, not the past.

Let Chapel Bell toll! With noble goal of honoring Dawg win.

We've beat them twice; let's beat them thrice--and many more again.

Dawg friends above, Gators below, see win from Bulldogs driven

by love and hate, by fear and heart, and glimpse of three-peat heaven.

Through grief and groans and broken bones, they'll make yet Bulldog heaven.



Why does this gif work when the others didn't? Well, the answer is complex and has to do with the...okay, so I don't actually know.

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